A395FIArg.: Country/Fisc.Type
A396FIArg.: Country/Fisc.Type/Material
A397FIArg.: Tax relevant classification
ADMI_FIDOCFIArchive Management for FI_DOCUMNT Object
ADMI_FIDOQFIEnhancement to archive mgt. for FI_DOCUMNT object
ARIX_BKPFFIFI_DOCUMNT: Header-oriented document index for archive
ARIX_BSADFIFI_DOCUMNT: Line-oriented indx for archiving customer accts
ARIX_BSAKFIFI_DOCUMNT: Line-oriented indx for archiving vendor accounts
ARIX_BSASFIFI_DOCUMNT: Line-oriented index for archiving G/L accounts
ARIX_BSEGKFIFI_DOCUMNT: Line-oriented indx for archiving vendor accounts
ARIX_BSISFIFI_DOCUMNT: Line-oriented index for archiving G/L accounts
FEDIWF1FIFI EDI: Person with signing authority
J_1A030IFFIAcct determ./posting control for inflation reval. postings
J_1A101FIHistorical data for the daily reports
J_1A102FIIndependent vendors with no CUIT or Social Security
J_1AACFOPFIAssignment of Argentinian tax code for foreigners
J_1AACTFIActivity code for social security withholding
J_1AACTTFITexts for activity codes for social security withholding
J_1ACFOPFICodes for foreign natural or legal persons with no ID
J_1ACFOPTFITexts for codes for foreign natural or legal persons
J_1ACHRDETFIDetermination of capital letter
J_1ACITIFIC.I.T.I. codes
J_1ACITITFITexts for C.I.T.I. codes
J_1ACMCDFICustoms codes
J_1ACMCDTFITexts for customs codes
J_1ACTYPFIC.I.T.I. transaction type
J_1ACTYPTFIC.I.T.I. transaction type
J_1ADISDOCFIConfiguration of automatic generation of discount documents
J_1ADRVERFIVersions of VAT daily report
J_1ADRVERTFITexts for versions of VAT daily report
J_1ADTFSFIDocument type field status
J_1ADTYPFIDistribution types for Gross Income Tax
J_1ADTYPTFITexts for distribution types for Gross Income Tax
J_1AFITPFITax type
J_1AFITPTFITexts for Fiscal Types
J_1AFITPVFITax type: Possible entries
J_1AFITPVTFITax type: Texts for possible entries
J_1AFRIDFIIdentification code for foreigners
J_1AGICDFIActivity codes for gross income tax declaration
J_1AGICDUFIText table for Gross Income Tax activity codes
J_1AGILTSFIGross Income Tax Layouts
J_1AGIPERFIGross income tax percentages
J_1AIFSKVZFIInflation revaluation G/L account – transaction figures
J_1AIMMLOGFIReplacement Cost Valuation : Logging Table
J_1AINFINVFIInflation: Invoices for replacement value determination
J_1AINFMBWFIMaterial master – inflation
J_1AINFMETFIInflation methods
J_1AINFMTXFIInflation methods: Description
J_1AINFPCLFIFI Inflation adjustment: Process control
J_1AINFSKSFIInflation key – G/L account
J_1AINFSKTFIText table: Inflation key – G/L account
J_1AINFT01FIInflation: Index Definition
J_1AINFT02FIText for table J_1INFT01
J_1AINFT03FIInflation: definitive index ( values )
J_1AINFT04FITime base definition
J_1AINFT05FIName table for table J_1AINFT04
J_1AINFT06FITime base and exposure to inflation values
J_1AINFT08FIComposed index
J_1AINFT09FIDate lock table for inflation indexes
J_1AINFT12FIPosting variant definition
J_1AINFT13FIName table for table j_1ainft12
J_1AINFT14FIValid posting dates
J_1AINFT15FIInflation: index version ( reference table )
J_1AINFT16FIWarehouse report ( data of previous fiscal years )
J_1AINFT20FIInflation: Index definition
J_1AINFT21FIText for table J_1INFT01
J_1AINFT22FIIndex versions
J_1AINFT23FIInflation: index version ( reference table )
J_1AINFT24FIIndex values
J_1AINFT25FIComposed index
J_1AINFT26FIDate lock table for inflation indexes
J_1AMACOFFIGross Income Tax coefficients
J_1AMINFCLFIMaterial Inflation Class
J_1AMINFCTFIMaterial inflation class texts
J_1ANUGR1TFITexts for numbering group for official documents
J_1ANUGR3TFITexts for numbering groups for withh. cert. numbering
J_1ANUMGR1FINumbering group for official documents
J_1ANUMGR3FINumbering groups for withholding certificate numbering
J_1AOFNR1FINumber determination for official documents
J_1AOFTPFIOfficial document type
J_1AOFTPTFITexts for official document types
J_1AOIFWVLFIOpen item foreign currency valuation: temp. storage
J_1AOTDETFIDetermination of off. document type in Argentina
J_1APRTCH2FICapital letters – texts
J_1APRTCHRFIPrinting characters for Argentina
J_1ARFZFIDefinition of reasons for zero VAT
J_1ARFZTFITexts for reasons for zero VAT
J_1ARZTXFIReason for zero VAT per tax code
J_1ASKB1FIG/L accounts for gross income in argentina
J_1ASKCLSFIAccount class
J_1ASKCLSTFIAccount class text table
J_1ASNRFIBranch number
J_1ASNRTFITexts for subsidiary numbers
J_1AT001TCFITax category data per company code
J_1AT001TGFITax category data per company code
J_1ATAXIDFITax identification
J_1ATIDSWFICorrespondence for types of ID for Selfwithholding reportc
J_1ATODCFIType of identification
J_1ATODCTFITexts for types of identification
J_1ATPKOFFIAssignment of official code to processing key
J_1ATXMINFIMinimum amount per tax processing key
J_1ATXOFFFIOfficial Codes per tax
J_1AWITHFIWithholding transaction data
J_1AWITNRFINumber determination for withholding certificates
J_1AWTADFICustomer withholding accumulation table
J_1AWTAKFIVendor withholding accumulation table
J_1AZFSCHLFIAllocation key: Branch – company code
J_1AZFSCHTFIText table: Allocation key branch – company code
J_1B_ERRORFIDefinition of error code per bank and return code
J_1B_ERTXTFIDefintion of error code per bank and return code
J_1BAAFINota Fiscal type
J_1BAATFINota Fiscal type text
J_1BACFIPartner type
J_1BADFIPartner function ID
J_1BADTFIPartner function description
J_1BAEFIField groups
J_1BAETFIField groups description
J_1BAGTFICFOP description
J_1BAITFINBM code description
J_1BAJFITax types
J_1BAJTFITax types – Description
J_1BAKFIField assignment
J_1BALFIScreen control group assignment
J_1BAMFIScreen control groups
J_1BAMTFIScreen control groups description
J_1BAOFICFOP determination for incoming movements and their return
J_1BAPFICFOP determination for outgoing movements and their return
J_1BAQTFIForm description
J_1BARFISub-object for number Nota Fiscal
J_1BARTFISub-object for number Nota Fiscal Description
J_1BASFITax situation IPI
J_1BASTFITax situation IPI – Description
J_1BATL1TFITax Law ICMS – Texts
J_1BATL2TFITax Law IPI – Texts
J_1BB2FINota Fiscal print configuration
J_1BIM01FIMM-IM: Tax posting strings for inventory management
J_1BINCOFIInstruction codes
J_1BINCO2FIInstruction code 2
J_1BINCO2TFIInstruction code 2 description
J_1BINCOTFIInstruction code description
J_1BIV02FINota Fiscal type determination
J_1BIV04FIMovementtypes GR passed via IV to NF
J_1BIV05FIBUZID with special handling for NF
J_1BLB08FIRegistro de Apuração do IPI: List control additional accts.
J_1BLB09FIRegistro de Apuração do ICMS: List control additional accts.
J_1BMMKON0FIMM: Value transfer from pricing to Nota Fiscal
J_1BMMNFAFIRelatn. symb. arg. – arg.field (creation of NF header texts)
J_1BMMNFATFISymbolic arg. texts (creation of NF header texts)
J_1BMMNFTTFIMM: Allowed automatic texts
J_1BMMNFTUFIMM: Allowed automatic text key description
J_1BMMNFXFIMM: Argument used in automatic creation of NF header texts
J_1BMMNFXTFIMM:Text used in automatic creation of NF header texts?
J_1BNFCPDFINota Fiscal one-time accounts
J_1BNFDOCFINota Fiscal header
J_1BNFFTXFINota Fiscal header message
J_1BNFLINFINota Fiscal line items
J_1BNFNADFINota Fiscal partners
J_1BNFREFFINota Fiscal reference to header message
J_1BNFSTXFINota Fiscal tax per item
J_1BSDICFINF relevant Item Categories
J_1BSDICAFISales Document Item Category table
J_1BSDKON0FISD: Value transfer from pricing to Nota Fiscal
J_1BSDNFAFIRelatn. symb. arg. – arg.field (creation of NF header texts)
J_1BSDNFATFISymbolic arg. texts (creation of NF header texts)
J_1BSDNFXFIArgument used in automatic creation of NF header texts
J_1BSDNFXTFIText used in automatic creation of NF header texts
J_1BSDTXCFISD Tax code determination
J_1BSTASTFIReg. Tax code for Sub.Trib.
J_1BTREGCFITax regions for foreign countries
J_1BTREGXFITax region
J_1BTREGXTFITax region description
J_1BTXCI1FITax calc.: Complement of ICMS rules
J_1BTXDEFFITax calc.: Default rates
J_1BTXIC1FITax calc.: ICMS general rules
J_1BTXIC2FITax calc.: ICMS rules
J_1BTXIP1FITax calc.: IPI rules
J_1BTXIP2FITax calc.: IPI rules (material dependent)
J_1BTXIS1FITax calc.: ISS rules for sales
J_1BTXSDCFISD tax codes
J_1BTXSDCTFISD tax codes – description
J_1BTXST1FITax calc.: Sub.Trib. rules
J_1BTXST2FITax calc.: Sub.Trib. rules (general)
J_1BTXSTGFITax calc.: Sub.Trib. customer group
J_1BTXSTGTFITax calc.: Sub.Trib. customer group – Description
KNATFICustomer master record (tax groupings)
MAHNSFIAccounts blocked by dunning selection
MHNDOFIDunning data version before the next change
MHNKFIDunning data (account entries)
MHNKAFIVersion administration of dunning changes
MHNKOFIDunning data (acct entries) version before the next change
PAYRFIPayment transfer medium file
PCECFIPrenumbered Checks
PNBKFIPrenotification: New bank data from master records
PNHDFIPrenotification: Files created in ACH format
PYONUMKRFIAuxiliary structure for lock object EPYONUMKR
PYORDHFIPayment order header data
PYORDPFIPayment order item data
REGUAFIChange of payment proposals: user and time
REGUHFISettlement data from payment program
REGUHHFIREGUH version before the ‘n’th change
REGUHOFIREGUH version before the ‘n’th change
REGUPOFILine item status before the ‘n’th change
REGUSFIAcounts blocked by payment proposal
REGUVFIControl records for the payment program
T001FICompany Codes
T001TFICompany code-dependent texts
T004FFIField status definition groups
T012DFIParameters for DMEs and foreign pmnt transactions
T012EFIEDI-compatible house banks and payment methods
T015WFIInstruction keys
T040FIDunning keys
T040AFIDunning key names
T040SFIBlocking reasons for dunning notices
T040TFIDunning block reason names
T042FIParameters for payment transactions
T042AFIBank selection for payment program
T042BFIDetails on the company codes that must pay
T042CFITechnical Settings For The Payment Program
T042DFIAvailable amounts for payment program
T042FFIPayment method supplements
T042FSLFILast additional selections used
T042GFIGroups of company codes ( payment program )
T042HFIText table for additional payment methods
T042IFIAccount determination for payment program
T042JFIBank charges determination
T042KFIAccounts for bank charges
T042LFIBank transaction code names
T042MFIUser numbers with the bank
T042NFIBank transaction codes
T042PFIBank selection by postal code
T042RFIName of account holder (ref.specifications on bk.details)
T042SFICharges/expenses for automatic pmnt transactions
T042VFIValue date for automatic payments
T042WFIPermitted currency keys for payment method
T042ZFFIAllocation: Branch to (paying) company code
T045TFIUser ID for bank transactions
T047BFIDunning level control
T047CFIDunning charges
T047DFIForm selection for legal dunning proceedings
T047EFIForm selection for dunning notices
T047FFISorting of dunning letters
T047HFIMarginal amounts
T047IFIStandard texts for dunning notices
T047MFIDunning areas
T047NFIDunning area texts
T047RFIGrouping rules for dunning notices
T047SFIName of grouping rules
T047TFIDunning procedure names
T048XFIAttached payment medium: Function modules
T048YFIAttached Payment Mediums: Forms
T077DFICustomer account groups
T077KFIVendor account groups
T078DFITrans.-dependent screen selection for cust.master
T078KFITransaction-dependent screen selection for vendor master
T079DFICompany code-dependent screen sel.for cust.master
T079KFICompany code-dependent screen sel.for vend.master
T079MFIVendor master data screen selection (
TBACNFIBank EDI file version numbers
TBE23FIBusiness Framework: Partner’s Active Products
TBE24FIAdditional Components developed by Customers
TBE24TFIAdditional products developed by customers: Texts
TBE34FICustomer function modules per Publish & Subscribe interface
TBSLFIPosting keys
TPS34FICustomer function modules per process interface
TVOIDFICheck void reason codes
TVOITFICheck void reason code texts
ANATFI-AA-AAAsset type text
ANEAFI-AA-AAAsset-line items proportionate values
ANEKFI-AA-AADocument header asset posting
ANEPFI-AA-AAAsset line item
ANEVFI-AA-AAAsset downpymt settlement
ANGAFI-AA-AAAsset catalog general data
ANGBFI-AA-AAAsset catalog deprec. area
ANGTFI-AA-AAAsset catalog text table
ANKAFI-AA-AAAsset classes: general data
ANKAZFI-AA-AAAsset class: extension for technical fields
ANKBFI-AA-AAAsset class: depreciation area
ANKLFI-AA-AAGeneration table for generating asset classes from accounts
ANKPFI-AA-AAAsset classes: Fld Cont Dpndnt on Chart of Depreciation
ANKTFI-AA-AAAsset classes: Description
ANKVFI-AA-AAAsset classes: insurance types
ANLAFI-AA-AAAsset master record-segment
ANLBFI-AA-AADepreciation terms
ANLBZWFI-AA-AAAsset-specific base values
ANLCFI-AA-AAAsset-value fields
ANLHFI-AA-AAMain asset number
ANLPFI-AA-AAAsset periodic values
ANLQFI-AA-AAPeriod values from dep. posting run per posting level
ANLTFI-AA-AAAsset text
ANLVFI-AA-AAInsurance data
ANLWFI-AA-AAInsurable values (year dependent)
ANLXFI-AA-AAAsset master record-segment
ANLZFI-AA-AATime-dependent asset allocations
T009YFI-AA-AAShortened fiscal years in Asset Accounting
T082FI-AA-AAField group authorization assets
T082AFI-AA-AAField string asset master record maintenance
T082EFI-AA-AADescription asset views
T082GFI-AA-AAField strings for screen selection asset master data.
T082HFI-AA-AAField string name: Asset master data maintenance
T082IFI-AA-AACreate takeover rules from transfer for master data
T082JFI-AA-AACreate takeover rules from transfer for master data: areas
T082SFI-AA-AADynpro control of the views
T082UFI-AA-AAFields Selection for User-Definable Master Data Screen
T083LFI-AA-AALeasing types
T083SFI-AA-AALeasing types-Description
T083TFI-AA-AADescription of leasing cycle
T084FI-AA-AAIncorrect assets
T084AFI-AA-AARestart information for takeover of old assets data
T085FI-AA-AAInvestment support measures
T085PFI-AA-AAInvestment support: Default and check table
T085SFI-AA-AADescription of individual investment support measures
T085ZFI-AA-AACapital investment grants with time-dependent percentages
T086FI-AA-AASort version Reporting
T086TFI-AA-AANames for Reporting Sort Versions
T087FI-AA-AAEvaluation groups
T087GFI-AA-AAEvaluation group 8 places
T087IFI-AA-AAReason for investment
T087KFI-AA-AAReason for investment protecting the environment
T087LFI-AA-AAText table for reasons for environmental investments
T087SFI-AA-AATest table for evaluation group 8 places
T087TFI-AA-AADescription of Evaluation Groups
T087UFI-AA-AAAsset group number / asset group
T087VFI-AA-AAText table asset group number / asset group
T089FI-AA-AAAppreciation rel. to cutoff date
T089TFI-AA-AAText table for T089 (appreciations)
T090FI-AA-AADepreciation calculation keys
T090AFI-AA-AAPeriod control dep. calculation
T090CFI-AA-AAExternal depreciation keys
T090IFI-AA-AADepreciation simulation (Reporting)
T090LFI-AA-AAUnit-of-production method of depreciation
T090MFI-AA-AATable for maximum depreciation amounts
T090PFI-AA-AADep. calc. key percentage records
T090RFI-AA-AAPeriod control rules for transactions
T090SFI-AA-AANames For Internal Calculation Keys
T090TFI-AA-AANames For External Depreciation Keys
T090UFI-AA-AATexts on depreciation simulation versions
T090VFI-AA-AAName for period control in transactions
T090YFI-AA-AAWeighting of depreciation periods
T090ZFI-AA-AAPeriod control for transactions
T091FI-AA-AACut-off value key
T091CFI-AA-AATranslation methods for Asset Management
T091PFI-AA-AACut-off val. percent. rates
T091SFI-AA-AAText for translation methods
T091TFI-AA-AANames for Cut-Off Value Keys
T092FI-AA-AAProperty classification key
T092TFI-AA-AADescription of the Property Classification Key
T093FI-AA-AAReal and derived depreciation areas
T093AFI-AA-AAReal depreciation area
T093BFI-AA-AACompany code-related depreciation area specifications
T093CFI-AA-AACompany codes in Asset Accounting
T093DFI-AA-AAControl dep. posting
T093EFI-AA-AATransfer of Value Between Depr. Areas on Asset Transfer
T093FFI-AA-AACheck rules dep. calc.
T093GFI-AA-AACross-System Depreciation Areas
T093GTFI-AA-AATexts for Cross-System Depreciation Areas
T093HFI-AA-AAAssignment of FI-AA Line Item Schema
T093NFI-AA-AANumber assignment alloc. AA
T093RFI-AA-AAControl Table for Archiving in Asset Accounting
T093SFI-AA-AAValue Field Names for Depreciation Areas
T093SBFI-AA-AASubstitution for Asset Management / Company Code
T093TFI-AA-AANames for real and derived depreciation areas
T093UFI-AA-AAOptions old assets data t/o assets
T093VFI-AA-AAValidation for Asset Management / Company Code
T093YFI-AA-AAShortened fiscal year
T094FI-AA-AAIndex numbers for replacement values
T094AFI-AA-AAIndex series for replacement values
T094BFI-AA-AABase year per index series
T094CFI-AA-AAIndex class
T094PFI-AA-AAIndex numbers for replacement values
T094SFI-AA-AANames for Index Classes
T094TFI-AA-AAIndex series names
T095FI-AA-AABalance sheet accounts for depreciation areas
T095AFI-AA-AAAccount allocation
T095BFI-AA-AAG/L accounts value adjustment
T095CFI-AA-AAFI-AA Standard Account Determination
T095PFI-AA-AAReconcil.accts. derived dep. areas
T095TFI-AA-AAName for account groups
T096FI-AA-AAChart of depreciation
T096TFI-AA-AAChart of depreciation texts
T097FI-AA-AAProperty indicator
T097TFI-AA-AADescription of the Property Indicator
T098FI-AA-AABasis manual property evaluation
T098TFI-AA-AADescription of the reasons for manual property values
T099FI-AA-AAInsurance types
T099AFI-AA-AAInsurance companies
T099BFI-AA-AAInsurance premiums
T099TFI-AA-AADescription of Insurance Types
T099UFI-AA-AAInsurance Companies Description
T099VFI-AA-AAInsurance Tariff Description
TA1MFI-AA-AALine Item Schema
TA1MTFI-AA-AAText Table for Line Item Schema
TA1MZFI-AA-AALine Item Schema
TA1TVFI-AA-AAAsset Transfer Variant
TA1TVBFI-AA-AADetermination of the Asset Transfer Method
TA1TVTFI-AA-AAAsset Transfer Variant
TABAFI-AA-AADepreciation posting documents
TABASFI-AA-AALogging of periodic posting runs in AM
TABBRFI-AA-AARules for determining asset value date
TABBTFI-AA-AANames of the rules for determining the asset value date
TABVAFI-AA-AAVariants for determining asset value date
TABVATFI-AA-AANames of variants for determining asset value date
TABVOFI-AA-AADetermine asset value date in Asset Accounting transactions
TABWFI-AA-AAAsset transaction types
TABWAFI-AA-AATransaction types/dep. areas
TABWBFI-AA-AATransaction types AuC (no longer used)
TABWDFI-AA-AADefault transaction types for FI-AA posting transactions
TABWGFI-AA-AATransaction type groups
TABWHFI-AA-AAName for asset transaction type groups
TABWIFI-AA-AAAllowed asset classes per transaction type group
TABWKFI-AA-AATrans. types for posting prop. values and depreciation
TABWMFI-AA-AAAsgnmt. hist. sheet (sub)groups to asset history sheet item
TABWNFI-AA-AAItem Titles in the Asset History Sheet
TABWOFI-AA-AANames for the asset history sheet versions
TABWPFI-AA-AAEntity table for asset history sheet versions
TABWTFI-AA-AAAsset transaction types texts
TABWUFI-AA-AASpecial Treatment of Retirements
TABWVFI-AA-AADefault transaction types
TCREPFI-AA-AACATT-Test Reporting – Check of logical databases
J_1AAFORMPFI-AA-AA-TR-TPAssignment of document Form to movement reason AA waybills
J_1AAWAYBLFI-AA-AA-TR-TPWay Bills for asset movements
T086AFI-AA-ISCall up of AM reports per transaction function
T088FI-AA-ISSelection table for the Italian asset register
T090XFI-AA-ISSimulation version
TABWQFI-AA-ISAsset hist. sheet group
TABWRFI-AA-ISName of asset hist. sheet group
J_1AAA1FI-AA-SVA-HIDefinition of revaluation
J_1AAA2FI-AA-SVA-HIInflation Adjustment – Revaluation keys
J_1AAA2MFI-AA-SVA-HIMethods fore period control of transactions
J_1AAA2MTFI-AA-SVA-HIPeriod control methods description
J_1AAA2TFI-AA-SVA-HIInflation Adjustment AA – Revaluation Key Text
J_1AAA5FI-AA-SVA-HITransaction types excluded from revaluation
J_1AAA5AFI-AA-SVA-HITransaction Types exluded from RV-adjustment
J_1AAOLDTAFI-AA-SVA-HIInflation Adjustment AA – Historic transact. period Balances
J_1AAT089FI-AA-SVA-HIRevaluation area assignment
J_1APROLOGFI-AA-SVA-HILog table for Inflation Adjustment Programs
KNBWFI-AP-APCustomer master record (withholding tax types) X
LFATFI-AP-APVendor master record (tax groupings)
LFBWFI-AP-APVendor master record (withholding tax types) X
REGUPWFI-AP-APW/tax information per w/tax type/FI line item in pmnt run
T001WTFI-AP-APCompany code-specific information per withholding tax type
T007CFI-AP-APGroupings for tax codes
T007DFI-AP-APTexts for Tax Groups
T046RFI-AP-APTexts for the exceptions from cashed bills/
T046SFI-AP-APExceptions from cashed bills of exchange paid to vendors
T059CFI-AP-APWithholding tax classes: Vendors per withholding tax type
T059DFI-AP-APWithholding tax classes: Vendors per withholding tax type
T059FBFI-AP-APFormulae for calculating withholding tax (new functions)
T059FBHFI-AP-APW/tax formulae: Header
T059KFI-AP-APWithholding tax code and processing key
T059LFI-AP-APRegional tax minimum amounts for 1099 reporting
T059MINMAXFI-AP-APMinimum and maximum amounts for withholding tax
T059OFI-AP-APOfficial withholding tax key – Descriptions
T059OTFI-AP-APText table: Official withholding tax key descriptions
T059PFI-AP-APWithholding tax types
T059REXTFI-AP-APReporting key (new withholding tax)
T059UFI-AP-APText Table: Withholding Tax Types
T059VFI-AP-APReasons for exemption per withholding tax type
T059WFI-AP-APReasons for exemption per withholding tax type
T059ZFI-AP-APWithholding tax code (enhanced functions)
T059ZTFI-AP-APText table: Withholding tax codes
T059ZZINSFI-AP-APWithholding tax code for interest calculation
WITH_CTNCLFI-AP-APNumbering class for withholding tax certificate numbers
WITH_CTNCLTFI-AP-APNumbering class text table for withholding tax certificate
WITH_CTNCO1FI-AP-APWithholding tax certificate numbering concept 1
WITH_CTNCO2FI-AP-APWithholding tax certificate numbering concept 2
WITH_CTNCO3FI-AP-APWithholding tax certificate numbering concept 3
WITH_CTNGRFI-AP-APNumbering group for withholding tax certificate numbers
WITH_CTNGRTFI-AP-APNumbering group text table for withholding tax certificate
WITH_CTNUMFI-AP-APAllocation of numbering group to numbering class
WITH_ITEMFI-AP-APWitholding tax info per W/tax type and FI line item
WTADFI-AP-APCumulative values for accounts receivable
WTADPFI-AP-APCumulative values for accounts receivable (payment proposal)
WTADPNFI-AP-APCumulative values for accounts receivable (payment proposal)
WTAKFI-AP-APCumulative values for accounts payable
WTAKPFI-AP-APCumulative values for accounts payable (payment proposal)
WTAKPNFI-AP-APCumulative values for accounts payable (payment proposal)
BSIWFI-AR-ARIndex table for customer bills of exchange used
BSIXFI-AR-ARIndex table for customer bills of exchange used
KNKAFI-AR-ARCustomer master credit management: Central data
KNKKFI-AR-ARCustomer master credit management: Control area data
KNVDFI-AR-ARCustomer master record sales request form
KNVPFI-AR-ARCustomer Master Partner Functions
KNVVFI-AR-ARCustomer Master Sales Data
NKAPFI-AR-ARNumber Range for Contact Partner
RFRRFI-AR-ARAccounting data – A/R and A/P information system
T000CMFI-AR-ARClient-Dependent FI-AR-CR Settings
T001CMFI-AR-ARPermitted Credit Control Areas per Company Code
T014FI-AR-ARCredit control areas
T014NFI-AR-ARNew credit control areas to be set up
T014TFI-AR-ARCredit control area names
T024BFI-AR-ARCredit management: Credit representative groups
T045BFI-AR-ARExpense/Bank Accounts and Tax Codes for Bill Presentation
T045DFI-AR-ARAvailable amounts for bill of exchange presentation
T045DTAFI-AR-ARDME file check table for bill of exchange presentation
T045FFI-AR-ARBank selection for bill of exchange presentation
T045GFI-AR-ARBank charges table for bill of exchange presentation
T045LFI-AR-ARCharges table for bill/ex.presentation (country-specific)
T056FI-AR-ARInterest settlement
T056AFI-AR-ARTime-dependent conditions
T056BFI-AR-ARTransaction types
T056DFI-AR-ARForm names for interest for days overdue
T056FFI-AR-ARReference interest rates
T056LFI-AR-ARFunction modules for int.transaction types
T056TFI-AR-ARText table for transaction types(int.calc.reports)
T056UFI-AR-ARControl table for calculation of interest on arrears
T056XFI-AR-ARText table for interest indicators
T060FI-AR-ARRules for A/R and A/P information system
T060AFI-AR-AREvaluation types in A/R and A/P information system
T060BFI-AR-ARTexts for T060A – evaluatn types in A/R and A/P info system
T060OFI-AR-AREvaluation views for A/R and A/P information system
T060SFI-AR-AREvaluation views for A/R and A/P information system
T060TFI-AR-AREvaluation names in the FI information system
T060UFI-AR-ARDescription of evaluation views for A/R and A/P info system
T061RFI-AR-ARFI-ARI: Active external partner products
T079VFI-AR-ARCustomers: Screen Selection according to Sales Org.
T179TFI-AR-ARMaterials: Product hierarchies: Texts
T687FI-AR-ARAccount Determination: Account Key
T687TFI-AR-ARAccount Determination: Account Key Texts
T691AFI-AR-ARCredit management risk categories
T691BFI-AR-ARCredit Management Groups
T691CFI-AR-ARCredit management group names
T691TFI-AR-ARCredit management risk classes text
TINPAFI-AR-ARSales Documents: Index Updating for Business Partner
TINSBFI-AR-ARAlternative Bank Accounts for Program RFBITB01
TINSOFI-AR-ARFailed Payment Transactions and Charges
TPAKDFI-AR-ARBusiness Partner: Valid Acct Groups per Partner Function
TPRITFI-AR-ARCustomers: Delivery Prioritiy Texts
TPTMTFI-AR-ARMaterials: Item Category Groups in Mat.Master: Texts
TRERIFI-AR-ARAdditional days for remaining risk posting
TSABFI-AR-ARContact persons: standard departments
TVKNTFI-AR-ARRoutes: Transportation connection points: Texts
TVPTFI-AR-ARSales documents: Item categories
TVSMTFI-AR-ARMaterials: Statistics groups: Texts
CTRUNICLASFI-FM-BDFIFM: Classification Attributes in the Center
FB03FI-FM-BDFinancial Transactions
FCABKFI-FM-BDFI-CA: Document Header
FCDUNICLASFI-FM-BDFIFM: Classification Attributes in the Center
FM01FI-FM-BDFM areas
FM01AFI-FM-BDFM area control records
FM01BFI-FM-BDControl Records for FIFM Company Codes
FM01CFI-FM-BDFM area control parameters
FM01EFI-FM-BDInfo on cover availability per FM area
FM01FFI-FM-BDOverall parameters for FM areas
FM01GFI-FM-BDFM Areas: Availability Control Settings
FM01NFI-FM-BDFollow-up posting info by FM area / application /data origin
FM01TFI-FM-BDFunds Management Area Texts
FMACTPOSFI-FM-BDFIFM: List of Internal Item Numbers
FMAPSTATFI-FM-BDFIFM: System Status for FIFM Acct Asst Objects
FMAVCFI-FM-BDExemptions from availability control
FMCFAAFI-FM-BDTR-FM: commitments/budget carried forward
FMCFAASFI-FM-BDTR-FM: Commitments/Budget Carried Forward (Interim Storage)
FMCFABFI-FM-BDTR-FM: Commitments/budget carried forward (sender+receiver)
FMCFABSFI-FM-BDTR-FM: Transferred Commitment/Budget (Senders+Receivers)
FMCFBPAKSFI-FM-BDFM-FYC: Budget/Planning Updates (Interim Storage)
FMCFSBFI-FM-BDFM – CF: Carryforward rules
FMCFSBCDFI-FM-BDFM-CF: Carryforward Rules (Dummy -> Change Documents)
FMCFSIFI-FM-BDTR-FM Selected Open Commitments
FMCNAIFI-FM-BDFM Line Items with Active CCN Logic
FMDECK3FI-FM-BDCover eligibility: amount management for sender budget obj.
FMFCPOFI-FM-BDFIFM: Commitment Summarization Item
FMFCPOTFI-FM-BDFIFM: Financial Summarization Item Texts
FMFCTRFI-FM-BDFIFM: Funds Center Master Record
FMFPOFI-FM-BDFIFM: Commitment Item
FMFPOTFI-FM-BDTexts for a Financia Management Item
FMFREEPOSFI-FM-BDFIFM: Free List of Internal Item Numbers
FMFUSEFI-FM-BDFM: Application of Funds
FMFUSETFI-FM-BDFM: Application of Funds Text
FMFXPOFI-FM-BDCommitment item, internal and external number (conversion)
FMHICTRFI-FM-BDFIFB: DB Table for Hierarchy Relations in a Center
FMHIPOSFI-FM-BDFIFM: DB Table for Hierarchy Relations for an Item
FMLOGFI-FM-BDLog file for documents not updated
FMSUFI-FM-BDFI-FM Totals Records
FMVORTRFI-FM-BDBalance Carried Forward Table
TFB03TFI-FM-BDNames of Financial Transactions
TFB05FI-FM-BDFree Financial Transactions
TFB06FI-FM-BDFinancial Transaction Reporting
FM01SFI-FM-BUAdditional master data for budgeting tools
FMBUDFI-FM-BUFI-FM Data Transfer Structure FM4C
FMFCTRBPFI-FM-BUBudget Object Group Definitions
FMFIPGBPFI-FM-BUCommitment Item Group: FM Budgeting Control
FMFIPGPFI-FM-BUAssign Commitment Item to Commitment Item Group
FMFIPGRFI-FM-BUCommitment Item Groups
FMFIPGRTFI-FM-BUCommitment Item Group Texts
FMCOVRFI-FM-INCO Posting Integration: Transaction
FMICOHDFI-FM-INFM/CO Integration: Document Header
FMICOITFI-FM-INFM/CO integration: Line item
FMZUCHFI-FM-INChange information on allocation of CO Object to FM Object
FMZUGRFI-FM-INAllocation of CO Group to FM Account Assignment
FMZUKAFI-FM-INAllocation of Cost Element to FM Account Assignment
FMZUOBFI-FM-INAllocation of CO Object to FM Account Assignment
FMR01FI-FM-ISFunds Management Information System
FMSUVFI-FM-ISFI-FM Totals records summarized
FMSUVSFI-FM-ISChange information for table FMSUV
T011AFI-GLCalendar – task description
T011BFI-GLFI financial calendar – job text table
T011EFI-GLCalendar of person responsible for unit
T011FFI-GLFI fin.calendar – person responsible for unit text table
T011VFI-GLFI financial calendar task-schedule link
T8G04FI-GLDerive line categories from accounts
T8G05FI-GLDerive allocation activities from procedure and process
T8G06FI-GLDimensions for allocation, acct balancing, and consolidation
T8G08FI-GLDoc type assignment – business process
T8G30BFI-GLAcct determination for doc allocation – posting key
T8G30CFI-GLAcct determ. for doc allocation – accounts
ACCTCRFI-GL-GLCompressed data from FI/CO document – currencies
ACCTHDFI-GL-GLCompressed data from FI/CO document – header
ACCTITFI-GL-GLCompressed data from FI/CO document
AGKOFI-GL-GLCleared accounts
AVIKFI-GL-GLPayment advice header
AVIPFI-GL-GLPayment advice line item
AVIRFI-GL-GLPayment advice subitem
AVITFI-GL-GLAdvice header: User-definable text
BFIT_AFI-GL-GLFI subsequent BA/PC adjustment: G/L account items
BFIT_A0FI-GL-GLFI subseq.BA/PC adjustmnt: Zero bal.postings for bus.area
BFO_A_RAFI-GL-GLVersions for resetting cleared items
BFOD_AFI-GL-GLFI subsequent BA/PC adjustment: Customer items
BFOD_ABFI-GL-GLFI subseq.BA/PC adjustmnt: Valuatn diffrnce in customer OIs
BFOK_AFI-GL-GLFI subsequent BA/PC adjustment: Vendor items
BFOK_ABFI-GL-GLFI subseq.BA/PC adjustmnt: Valuatn difference in vendor OIs
BKDFFI-GL-GLDocument header supplement for recurring entry
BKORMFI-GL-GLAccounting correspondence requests
BKORRFI-GL-GLAccounting correspondence requests
BKPFFI-GL-GLAccounting document header
BNKAFI-GL-GLBank master record
BSADFI-GL-GLAccounting: Secondary index for customers (cleared items)
BSAKFI-GL-GLAccounting: Secondary index for vendors (cleared items)
BSASFI-GL-GLAccounting: Secondary index for G/L accounts (cleared items)
BSBWFI-GL-GLDocument valuation fields
BSIAFI-GL-GLArchive Index for FI Documents (outdated! see ARCH_IDX)
BSIDFI-GL-GLAccounting: Secondary index for customers
BSIKFI-GL-GLAccounting: Secondary index for vendors
BSIPFI-GL-GLIndex for vendor validation of double documents
BSISFI-GL-GLAccounting: Secondary index for G/L accounts
BVORFI-GL-GLIntercompany posting procedures
EBKPFFI-GL-GLFin.Accntng doc.header (of docs from
EBSEGFI-GL-GLDoc.segment of Fin.Accntng external documents
FRUNFI-GL-GLRun date of a program
KLPAFI-GL-GLCustomer/vendor linking
KMKPFFI-GL-GLFI: Account assignment model header information
KMZEIFI-GL-GLFI: Account assignment model item information
KNASFI-GL-GLCustomer master (VAT registration numbers general section)
KNB1FI-GL-GLCustomer master (company code)
KNB4FI-GL-GLCustomer payment history
KNB5FI-GL-GLCustomer master (dunning data)
KNBKFI-GL-GLCustomer master (bank details)
KNC1FI-GL-GLCustomer master (transaction figures)
KNC3FI-GL-GLCustomer master (special G/L transaction figures)
KNZAFI-GL-GLPermitted alternative payer
LFA1FI-GL-GLVendor master (general section)
LFASFI-GL-GLVendor master (VAT registration numbers general section)
LFB1FI-GL-GLVendor master (company code)
LFB5FI-GL-GLVendor master (dunning data)
LFBKFI-GL-GLVendor master (bank details)
LFC1FI-GL-GLVendor master (transaction figures)
LFC3FI-GL-GLVendor master (special G/L transaction figures)
LFM1FI-GL-GLVendor master record purchasing organization data
LFZAFI-GL-GLPermitted alternative payee
MAHNVFI-GL-GLManagement records for the dunning program
MLDZ4FI-GL-GLReporting data for Z4 which was not reported by DME
NBNKFI-GL-GLNumber range for banks
NKUKFI-GL-GLNumber range for change documents
PARCTFI-GL-GLReceipt log table (Japan)
RF048FI-GL-GLSubseq.BA/PC adjustmnt: Index/distributn vector (calculate)
RF180FI-GL-GLSubsequent BA/PC adjustment: Posting runs
RFDTFI-GL-GLAccounting data (INDX structure)
SKA1FI-GL-GLG/L accounts master (chart of accounts)
SKASFI-GL-GLG/L account master (chart of accounts: key word list)
SKATFI-GL-GLG/L account master record (chart of accounts: description)
SKB1FI-GL-GLG/L account master (company code)
SKM1FI-GL-GLSample G/L accounts
SKMTFI-GL-GLSample account names
T000FFI-GL-GLCross-client FI settings
T001AFI-GL-GLAdditional local currencies control for company code
T001BFI-GL-GLPosting periods allowed
T001DFI-GL-GLValidation of accounting documents
T001EFI-GL-GLCompany code-dependent address data
T001FFI-GL-GLCompany code-dependent form selection
T001GFI-GL-GLCompany code-dependent standard texts
T001NFI-GL-GLCompany code – VAT registration nos. / notifications
T001OFI-GL-GLCross-system company codes
T001QFI-GL-GLSubstitution in accounting documents
T001RFI-GL-GLRounding-off rules for company code and currency
T001SFI-GL-GLAccounting clerks
T001UFI-GL-GLClearing between company codes
T001XFI-GL-GLConfiguration of external receiving
T001ZFI-GL-GLAdditional specifications for company code
T003FI-GL-GLDocument types
T003AFI-GL-GLDocument types for posting with clearing
T003BFI-GL-GLObject types for early entry in Financial Acctng
T003TFI-GL-GLDocument type texts
T004FI-GL-GLList of charts of accounts
T004GFI-GL-GLField status definition group texts
T004MFI-GL-GLRules for sample accounts
T004RFI-GL-GLRules index for sample accounts
T004SFI-GL-GLTexts for sample account rules
T004TFI-GL-GLChart of account names
T004VFI-GL-GLField status variant
T004WFI-GL-GLText table for T004V
T005PFI-GL-GLValidation of tax keys
T005QFI-GL-GLCountry keys for withholding tax calculation
T005RFI-GL-GLCountry keys for the withholding tax: Names
T007AFI-GL-GLTax keys
T007BFI-GL-GLTax Processing in Accounting
T007FFI-GL-GLTaxes on sales/purchases groups
T007IFI-GL-GLTax advance return, tax group and calendar year group nos
T007VFI-GL-GLTax codes to be transported
T008FI-GL-GLBlocking reasons for automatic payment transcations
T008TFI-GL-GLBlocking reason names in automatic payment trans.
T009FI-GL-GLFiscal year variants
T009BFI-GL-GLFiscal year variant periods
T009CFI-GL-GLPeriod names
T009TFI-GL-GLFiscal year variant names
T010OFI-GL-GLPosting period variants
T010PFI-GL-GLPosting period variant names
T011FI-GL-GLFinancial Statement Versions
T011PFI-GL-GLTable no longer in use
T011QFI-GL-GLTable no longer in use
T011TFI-GL-GLFinancial statement version names
T011ZFI-GL-GLTable no longer in use
T012FI-GL-GLHouse banks
T012KFI-GL-GLHouse bank accounts
T012TFI-GL-GLHouse bank account names
T015LFI-GL-GLSCB ratios
T016TFI-GL-GLIndustry names
T018PFI-GL-GLPost office bank branches
T020RFI-GL-GLProgram selection with transactions
T021FI-GL-GLFields for line item and document line layout
T021AFI-GL-GLForms for additional information
T021BFI-GL-GLLine item total variants
T021CFI-GL-GLSummary variant short names
T021MFI-GL-GLSort variants
T021NFI-GL-GLDescription of sort variants
T021RFI-GL-GLField selection for spec.functions (list displays)
T021TFI-GL-GLLine layout variant texts
T021VFI-GL-GLDefault values for display variants
T021ZFI-GL-GLLine layout variants
T028VFI-GL-GLTransaction types
T028WFI-GL-GLTransaction types: Names
T030FI-GL-GLStandard accounts table
T030BFI-GL-GLStandard posting keys
T030DFI-GL-GLAcct determ.for open item exch.rate differences
T030EFI-GL-GLAcct determ.for open item exch.rate differences
T030FFI-GL-GLProvision method for doubtful receivables
T030GFI-GL-GLStandard accounts table – business area breakdown
T030HFI-GL-GLAcct determ.for open item exch.rate differences
T030IFI-GL-GLAcct determination for intercompany cost flow (CE ledger)
T030KFI-GL-GLTax accounts determination
T030QFI-GL-GLClearing accounts for distributed systems
T030RFI-GL-GLRules for standard accounts determination
T030SFI-GL-GLAccts for foreign currency assets exchange rate differences
T030UFI-GL-GLAccount determ.for balance sheet transfer postings
T030VFI-GL-GLAccount conversion tables for distributed systems
T031FI-GL-GLBill discount note
T031SFI-GL-GLBill of exchange status
T031TFI-GL-GLName of bill of exchange status
T033FI-GL-GLFI depreciation area
T033EFI-GL-GLAccount determination: Control data
T033FFI-GL-GLAccount determination: Posting rules
T033GFI-GL-GLAcct determination: Replacing the account symbols
T033IFI-GL-GLAcct determination: Account symbols
T033JFI-GL-GLAcct determination: Account symbol descriptions
T033TFI-GL-GLFI depreciation area
T033UFI-GL-GLAccount determ.for balance sheet transfer postings
T041AFI-GL-GLClearing procedures
T041BFI-GL-GLCompany codes for manual payments
T041CFI-GL-GLReasons for reverse posting
T041CTFI-GL-GLReasons for reverse posting (description)
T041TFI-GL-GLClearing procedure names
T042EFI-GL-GLCompany code-specific specs.for payment methods
T042TFI-GL-GLText modules for payment forms
T042ZFI-GL-GLPayment methods for automatic payment
T043FI-GL-GLAssign accounting clerks
T043GFI-GL-GLTolerances for groups of customers/vendors
T043GTFI-GL-GLName of business partner’s tolerance groups
T043KFI-GL-GLControl of payment notices to customers/vendors
T043TFI-GL-GLFI tolerance groups for employees
T044AFI-GL-GLForeign currency valuation methods
T044BFI-GL-GLValuation method names
T044ZFI-GL-GLOpen item accounts with changed reconcil.account
T045EFI-GL-GLPresentation to bank
T045WFI-GL-GLBank subaccounts for bill of exchange usage
T046FI-GL-GLBill of exchange tax
T046TFI-GL-GLBill of exchange tax code names
T047FI-GL-GLCompany code dunning control
T047AFI-GL-GLAccount level dunning control
T048BFI-GL-GLReport allocation for automatic correspondence
T048IFI-GL-GLCorrespondence type properties
T048KFI-GL-GLIndicator for periodic account statements
T048LFI-GL-GLIndicator for periodic statements texts
T048VFI-GL-GLCorrespondence procedures
T048WFI-GL-GLName of correspondence procedure
T049LFI-GL-GLLockboxes at our house banks
T050TFI-GL-GLGeneral texts
T051AFI-GL-GLAccount balances for statutory reporting
T052FI-GL-GLTerms of payment
T052AFI-GL-GLKnown/negotiated leave
T052RFI-GL-GLRules for issuing invoices
T052SFI-GL-GLTerms of payment for holdback/retainage
T052TFI-GL-GLNegotiated leave description
T052UFI-GL-GLOwn explanations for terms of payment
T053FI-GL-GLLine item texts
T053AFI-GL-GLSelection rules for payment advices
T053BFI-GL-GLSelection rules for payment advices (texts)
T053CFI-GL-GLSelection sequence for payment advices
T053DFI-GL-GLReason codes assigned as fixed for clearing pmnt adv.
T053EFI-GL-GLReason code conversion
T053GFI-GL-GLPayment advice types
T053RFI-GL-GLClassification of payment differences
T053SFI-GL-GLClassification of payment differences (texts)
T053VFI-GL-GLReason code conversion version
T053WFI-GL-GLReason code conversion version names
T054FI-GL-GLRun plan for recurring documents
T054AFI-GL-GLSettlement data for recurring entry plans
T054TFI-GL-GLDescription of execution plans for recurring documents
T055FI-GL-GLField group fields (master data)
T055GFI-GL-GLField groups (master data)
T055TFI-GL-GLField group names
T056ZFI-GL-GLInterest rates
T057FI-GL-GLSubsidy indicators
T057TFI-GL-GLSubsidy indicator names
T058AFI-GL-GLJapanese stamp tax
T058BFI-GL-GLNumber range assignment for receipts
T058TFI-GL-GLGroup receipt names
T059AFI-GL-GLType of recipient for vendors
T059BFI-GL-GLWithholding tax categories for vendors: Names
T059EFI-GL-GLIncome types
T059FFI-GL-GLFormulas for calculating withholding tax
T059GFI-GL-GLIncome types: Names
T059MFI-GL-GLMinority indicators
T059QFI-GL-GLWithholding tax
T059RFI-GL-GLRecipient code
T059TFI-GL-GLTexts for minority indicators
T060KFI-GL-GLFI constants
T060LFI-GL-GLFI constant name
T060MFI-GL-GLFI constant values
T070FI-GL-GLFI document archiving – document lives
T071FI-GL-GLFI document archiving – account lives
T074FI-GL-GLSpecial G/L accounts
T074AFI-GL-GLSpecial G/L transaction type names
T074TFI-GL-GLSpecial G/L indicator names
T074UFI-GL-GLSpecial G/L indicator properties
T076BFI-GL-GLEDI: Assign name in the invoice <-> company code
T076IFI-GL-GLFI-EDI: G/L accounts
T076KFI-GL-GLFI-EDI: Additional account assignments
T076MFI-GL-GLEDI: Conversion of external tax rate <-> tax code
T076SFI-GL-GLEDI-INVOIC: Program parameters
T077SFI-GL-GLG/L account groups
T077TFI-GL-GLTable no longer in use
T077XFI-GL-GLAccount group names (table T077D)
T077YFI-GL-GLAccount group names (table T077K)
T077ZFI-GL-GLAccount group names (table T077S)
T078SFI-GL-GLAction type screen sel.for G/L acct master data
T100CFI-GL-GLControl of messages by the user
TAKOFFI-GL-GLReconciliation accounts with exception handling
TBAERFI-GL-GLRules for changing document information
TBERGFI-GL-GLAuthorization check in DDIC
TBSLTFI-GL-GLPosting key names
TCURDFI-GL-GLMax.exch.rate differences for postings in foreign currency
TF123FI-GL-GLAdditional rules for running program SAPF124 (clearing)
TFAGMFI-GL-GLAllocate Clients and Account Type to Clearing Rule
TFAVFI-GL-GLFI: Work lists
TFAVAFI-GL-GLFI: Details of automatically generated work lists
TFAVTFI-GL-GLWork list names
TFAVWFI-GL-GLFI: Work list values
TFBUFFI-GL-GLTable for FI data puffers
TGSBFI-GL-GLBusiness Areas
TGSBGFI-GL-GLCross-system business areas
TGSBHFI-GL-GLTexts for table TGSBG
TGSBTFI-GL-GLBusiness area names
THKONFI-GL-GLPermitted alternative G/L accounts
TR01TFI-GL-GLBase table reorganization: Texts
TRASFI-GL-GLInterval for days in arrears
TRASTFI-GL-GLInterval names for days in arrears
TSAKRFI-GL-GLCreate G/L account with reference
TSTORFI-GL-GLAccounting documents with reverse posting date
TTABSFI-GL-GLTables with special maintenance
TTXCFI-GL-GLAssignment of external system to logical destination
TTXDFI-GL-GLDescription of tax jurisdiction code structure
TTXDTFI-GL-GLTax jurisdiction code structure name
TTXF1FI-GL-GLWord processing: Linking of texts with document types
TTXIFI-GL-GLExternal tax interface: index file
TTXJFI-GL-GLCheck table for tax jurisdiction
TTXJTFI-GL-GLText table for tax jurisdiction
TTXPFI-GL-GLProduct codes (external tax interface)
TTXPTFI-GL-GLProduct code description (external interface)
TTXUFI-GL-GLExternal tax interface: Audit file update information
TTXYFI-GL-GLExternal tax interface: tax information
TTYPVFI-GL-GLFI summarization dependent on the object type
UKSDFI-GL-GLUser control totals (online)
UKSVFI-GL-GLUser control totals (update)
VBKPFFI-GL-GLDocument header for preliminary posting
VBSECFI-GL-GLPreliminary posting one-time data doc.segment
VBSEGAFI-GL-GLPreliminary posting doc.segment for assets
VBSEGDFI-GL-GLDocument segment for customer preliminary posting
VBSEGKFI-GL-GLPreliminary posting doc.segment for vendors
VBSEGSFI-GL-GLPreliminary posting doc.segment for G/L accts
VBSETFI-GL-GLPreliminary posting doc.segment for taxes
VBWF01FI-GL-GLCompany code-dependent release data
VBWF02FI-GL-GLWorkflow procedure
VBWF03FI-GL-GLRelease Approval Paths
VBWF05FI-GL-GLDetermination of authorization path
VBWF06FI-GL-GLSubworkflow determination
VBWF07FI-GL-GLRelease Approval Groups
VBWF08FI-GL-GLRelease Approval Groups
VBWF09FI-GL-GLPeople with release authorizatn for prelim.pstng
VBWF10FI-GL-GLAuthorization paths (texts)
VBWF11FI-GL-GLObjects for full release
VBWF12FI-GL-GLObjects for full release (texts)
VBWF15FI-GL-GLPeople with release authorizatn for prelim.pstng
VBWF16FI-GL-GLRelevant document types for releasing payments
QSTREFI-GL-ISFI/HR withholding tax report for Spain
REGUTFI-GL-ISTemSe – administration data
T001MFI-GL-ISData on Z5A Foreign Trade Regulations Report, Germany
T007GFI-GL-ISTable no longer used -> T007K/L
T007HFI-GL-ISTable no longer used -> T007K/L
T007JFI-GL-ISTax advnce pmt per taxes on sls/pur.grp and cal.yr
T007KFI-GL-ISTable for grouping tax basis balances
T007LFI-GL-ISTable for grouping tax balances
T007RFI-GL-ISExternal group number for tax amounts
T007XFI-GL-ISText for grouping tax amounts
T030HBFI-GL-ISAcct determ.for open item exch.rate differences
T042XFI-GL-ISCompany codes blocked by the payment program
T044DFI-GL-ISWork files for the extract of the accum.balance audit trail
T044EFI-GL-ISForeign currency valuation: items with special cover
T044GFI-GL-ISValuation adjustment key
T049AFI-GL-ISPosting data for autocash with lockbox
T049BFI-GL-ISControl parameters for autocash
T049CFI-GL-ISEvaluation of the autocash tapes
T049EFI-GL-ISControl data for Swiss POR procedure
T049FFI-GL-ISCashed checks control table
TABKTFI-GL-ISAutomatic accounts for end-year closing/opening postings ITA
TBKOWFI-GL-ISValuation difference temporary storage
TBUVTXFI-GL-ISTransfer Posting of Tax in a Cross-Company Code Transaction
TEURBFI-GL-ISAltern. local currency and exch.rate type for a company code
TFE05FI-GL-ISBDF: State CB indic.
TFE18FI-GL-ISBDF: Identif. of offsett. accounts
TFE19FI-GL-ISBDF: Accts subj. to report.
TLSEPFI-GL-ISControl table for list separation
TRVORFI-GL-ISControl statements
UMSVFI-GL-ISTax balances per comp.code, tax code and process.key
UMSVZFI-GL-ISAdvance return for tax on sls/pur.period
EWULC02FI-LC-LCFI-LC: Ledgers for conversion
EWULC03FI-LC-LCFI-LC: Companies for conversion
EWULC04FI-LC-LCFI-LC: Settings for euro conversion adjustments
FILCAFI-LC-LCFI-LC: Actual journal entry table with 2 object tables
FILCCFI-LC-LCFI-LC: Transaction-related fields for table FILCT
FILCOFI-LC-LCFI-LC: Acct assign.fields (Object-TrPartner) for table FILCT
FILCPFI-LC-LCFI-LC: Plan line items for object table
FILCTFI-LC-LCFI-LC: Global totals table with 2 object tables
GLT2FI-LC-LCConsolidation totals table
GLT3FI-LC-LCFI-LC: Structure of Consolidation staging ledger
GSBLCAFI-LC-LCBusiness area consolidation: deviating records
MCDXFI-LC-LCCompressed Consolidation transaction data
T850FI-LC-LCCompany data for Consolidation
T850AFI-LC-LCCompany sort criteria
T850BFI-LC-LCBusiness segments
T850CFI-LC-LCBusiness segments: texts
T850DFI-LC-LCAssignment of business segment
T850FFI-LC-LCUpload methods
T850GFI-LC-LCUpload methods: Texts
T850HFI-LC-LCUpload methods: Field catalogs
T850IFI-LC-LCVersion-dependent assignment: Company/data import + validtn
T850KFI-LC-LCCompany correspondence data
T850SFI-LC-LCTax rates
T850ZFI-LC-LCLayout: FS chart of accounts
T851FI-LC-LCChanges in Investments
T852GFI-LC-LCSubgroup companies
T852NFI-LC-LCConsolidation frequencies
T852OFI-LC-LCConsolidation frequencies: Texts
T852PFI-LC-LCConsolidation periods
T852UFI-LC-LCSubgroup companies
T852VFI-LC-LCVersion-dependent subgroup characteristics
T853FI-LC-LCCompany status
T853KFI-LC-LCSubgroup status
T854FI-LC-LCFinancial statement items for consolidation
T854SFI-LC-LCSelected FS items
T854TFI-LC-LCFinancial statement item texts
T854UFI-LC-LCFS item short texts
T855FI-LC-LCReasons for inclusion in consolidation
T855TFI-LC-LCReasons for inclusion in consolidation
T856FI-LC-LCTransaction Types
T856TFI-LC-LCTransaction type texts
T856XFI-LC-LCTransaction type groups
T856YFI-LC-LCTransaction type groups: Texts
T857FI-LC-LCLine layout of data entry forms
T857AFI-LC-LCColumn layout of data entry form
T857DFI-LC-LCData entry form groups: Names
T857EFI-LC-LCData entry form groups: Texts
T857FFI-LC-LCData entry form bundling
T857NFI-LC-LCValidation groups
T857OFI-LC-LCValidation groups: Texts
T857PFI-LC-LCValidation rules
T857SFI-LC-LCColumn layout for data entry form: Names
T857TFI-LC-LCColumn layout for data entry form: Text
T857XFI-LC-LCLine layout for data entry form: Name
T857YFI-LC-LCLine layout for data entry form: Text
T858FI-LC-LCConsolidation versions
T858IFI-LC-LCVersions for Consolidation integration
T858TFI-LC-LCConsolidation version texts
T859FI-LC-LCData entry forms
T859TFI-LC-LCData entry form title
T85AFI-LC-LCFirst additional field
T85ATFI-LC-LCFirst additional field: Texts
T85BFI-LC-LCSecond additional field
T85BTFI-LC-LCSecond additional field: Texts
T85CFI-LC-LCThird additional field
T85CTFI-LC-LCThird additional field: Texts
T85S1FI-LC-LCFI-LC: Assignment of first add. fld to second add. fld
T85S2FI-LC-LCFI-LC: Assignment of second add. fld to third add. fld
T85YFI-LC-LCAdditional Field Type
T85YTFI-LC-LCAdditional field type: Texts
T862KFI-LC-LCStandard reports: Headings
T862LFI-LC-LCStandard reports: Header texts
T862QFI-LC-LCStandard reports: Column layout
T862RFI-LC-LCStandard reports: Column layout texts
T862SFI-LC-LCStandard reports: Column layout
T862TFI-LC-LCStandard reports: Headers
T862XFI-LC-LCStandard reports: Line layout
T862YFI-LC-LCStandard reports: Line layout texts
T862ZFI-LC-LCStandard reports: Line layouts
T863FI-LC-LCConsolidation standard reports
T863BFI-LC-LCReport groups
T863CFI-LC-LCReport groups: Names
T863DFI-LC-LCReport groups: Texts
T863IFI-LC-LCReports for Interactive Reporting
T863TFI-LC-LCReport titles
T863VFI-LC-LCValuations: Texts
T863XFI-LC-LCSelections for reporting
T863YFI-LC-LCINDX datasets
T863ZFI-LC-LCSelection: Document status
T865FI-LC-LCIntercompany Elimination
T866FI-LC-LCElimination of IC profit/loss: FS items
T866ZFI-LC-LCElimination of IC P/L: Assignment of additional fields
T867FI-LC-LCProduct groups
T867TFI-LC-LCProduct group texts
T868FI-LC-LCElimination of IC profit and loss
T868BFI-LC-LCElimination of IC profit/loss: Inventory management co.s
T868LFI-LC-LCElimination of IC profit/loss: Vendor data
T869FI-LC-LCConsolidation methods
T869TFI-LC-LCConsolidation of investments methods
T870FI-LC-LCConsolidation method assignment
T871FI-LC-LCChanges in investee equity
T872FI-LC-LCEquity Holdings Adjustments
T872IFI-LC-LCPeriodic entry for affiliated companies
T873FI-LC-LCHidden reserves
T874FI-LC-LCElimination of hidden reserves
T875FI-LC-LCAsset transfers within the group
T875CFI-LC-LCChanges in depreciation
T875DFI-LC-LCAsset transfers
T875EFI-LC-LCChange in depreciation of asset transfers
T876FI-LC-LCConsolidation document types
T876BFI-LC-LCDocument types
T876TFI-LC-LCConsolidation document type texts
T876VFI-LC-LCValidation of Consolidation document
T877FI-LC-LCConsolidation activity groups
T877KFI-LC-LCConsolidation activity groups: Names
T877LFI-LC-LCConsolidation activity groups: Texts
T879FI-LC-LCStandard texts
T880BFI-LC-LCValuation methods
T880GFI-LC-LCConsolidation companies
T884FI-LC-LCCurrency translation
T884BFI-LC-LCAssignment valuation methods to company codes
T884FFI-LC-LCTranslation Differences: Additional Account Assignment
T884HFI-LC-LCHistorical currency translation
T884KFI-LC-LCExchange rate indicator for currency translation
T884MFI-LC-LCCurrency translation methods used in Consolidation
T884RFI-LC-LCExchange rate indicator references
T884SFI-LC-LCSets used in currency translation
T884TFI-LC-LCCurrency translation method table: Texts
TGSBKFI-LC-LCConsolidation business areas
TKMGBFI-LC-LCBusiness area consolidation: SD assignments
TLMGBFI-LC-LCBusiness area consolidation: MM assignments
TSTGCFI-LC-LCConsolidation test data
GREPFI-SL-ISReport Writer: File of Stored Reports
GREP_VARCHARFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Varied extract characteristics
GRIXFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Directory of Stored Data
GRIX_AUTFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Values of Adjustment-Related Characteristics
GRIX_GENFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Directory of ABAP Versions
GRIX_SELFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Selection parameters for stored data
GRIX_TXTFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Texts for stored data
GRIX_VARFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Variable for a report group version
GRIX_VARPFI-SL-ISVariation parameters for extracts (Report Writer)
RTXTFFI-SL-ISFormat Table for Report Texts
RTXTHFI-SL-ISHeader Table for Report Texts
RTXTLFI-SL-ISText Lines for Report Texts
RTXTTFI-SL-ISText Header for Report Texts
T800FI-SL-ISReport Writer: Reports
T800TFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Texts for reports
T800VFI-SL-ISRW: Variables
T800WFI-SL-ISRW: Texts for Parameter Contents
T801AFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Exceptions in Row/Column Coordinates
T801BFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Texts for Logical Rows
T801CFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Parallel Report Windows
T801DFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Row/Column Characteristics
T801EFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Selection Sets
T801FFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Rest Blocks (Rows, Columns)
T801HFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Parallel Reports
T801KFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Libraries
T801LFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Library Fields
T801MFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Rows/Columns
T801NFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Library Texts
T801PFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Data Set Entries for Libraries
T801QFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Data Set Entries for Libraries
T801RFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Standard Layouts (Language-Dependent Part)
T801SFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Cell Assignment
T801TFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Texts for Parallel Reports
T801UFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Standard Layouts (Language-Independent Part)
T801VFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Standard Layout Texts
T801WFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Standard Layout – Lang.-Dependent (new)
T801XFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Standard Layout – Lang. Independent (new)
T802AFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Definition of Receiver Reports
T802BFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Receiver Report Control ( part 1 )
T802CFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Receiver Report Control (part 2)
T802DFI-SL-ISABAP Receiver Programs for Report Writer
T803AFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Header)
T803BFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Descriptions)
T803CFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Rows)
T803DFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Row/Column Texts)
T803EFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Columns)
T803FFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Formulas)
T803GFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Cells in Formulas)
T803HFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Row Formulas
T803IFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Row Formulas / Texts
T803JFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Report Groups
T803LFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Entries in Report Groups
T803TFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Report Group Texts
T803ZFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Report Usage
T804FFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Extended Data Set Entries
T804GFI-SL-ISReport Writer: Texts for Extended Data Set Entries
ARC_IDX_ITFI-SL-SLArchive index table for FI-SL line items
GB91TFI-SL-SLTexts for validations
GGREFAFI-SL-SLExample for Global FI-SL Line Items (Actual)
GGREFCFI-SL-SLExample for Global FISL Objct Table 2 (Transactn Attributes)
GGREFOFI-SL-SLExample for Global Object Table 1 (Object/Partner)
GGREFPFI-SL-SLExample for Global FI-SL Line Items (Plan)
GGREFTFI-SL-SLExample for Global FI-SL Summary Table
GLFUNCAFI-SL-SLActual line items table with function area for IDES
GLFUNCCFI-SL-SLObject table 2 with function area for IDES
GLFUNCOFI-SL-SLObject table 1 with function area for IDES
GLFUNCPFI-SL-SLPlan line items table with funtion area for IDES
GLFUNCTFI-SL-SLTotals table with functional area for IDES
GLFUNCUFI-SL-SLRollup line item tables with function area for IDES
GLFUNCVFI-SL-SLRollup plan line items table with function area for IDES
GLIDXAFI-SL-SLIndex to Find FI-SL Documents Based on AWKEY
GLOO1FI-SL-SLObject Table for FI-SL Table GLTO1
GLOO2FI-SL-SLObject Table for GLT02: Global
GLOO3FI-SL-SLObject Table for FI-SL Table GLTO3
GLP0FI-SL-SLLocal Logical General Ledger Plan Line Items
GLP1FI-SL-SLLocal Logical General Ledger Plan Line Items
GLP2FI-SL-SLGlobal Special Purpose Ledger Plan Line Item Table
GLPO1FI-SL-SLPlan Line Items for Object Table
GLPO2FI-SL-SLPlan Line Items for Object Table Global
GLPO3FI-SL-SLPlan Line Items for Object Table
GLREFAFI-SL-SLExample for Local FI-SL Line Items (Actual)
GLREFCFI-SL-SLExample for Loc. FISL Objct Table 2 (Transaction Attributes)
GLREFOFI-SL-SLExample for Local Object Table 1 (Object/Partner)
GLREFPFI-SL-SLExample for Local FI-SL Line Items (Plan)
GLREFTFI-SL-SLExample for Local FI-SL Summary Table
GLREFUFI-SL-SLExample for FI-SL Rollup Line Items (Actual)
GLREFVFI-SL-SLExample for Rollup FI-SL Line Items (Plan)
GLS1FI-SL-SLLocal Logical General Ledger Actual Line Items
GLS2FI-SL-SLGlobal logical Consolidation line items
GLSO1FI-SL-SLFI-SL Line Item Table with Objects for GLTO1
GLSO2FI-SL-SLFI-SL Table with Objects, Structure corresponds to GLS2
GLSO3FI-SL-SLFI-SL LI Table with Objects for GLTO3
GLT0FI-SL-SLG/L account master record transaction figures
GLT1FI-SL-SLLocal General Ledger Summary Table
GLTO1FI-SL-SLFI-SL Table with Objects, Structure Corresponds to GLT1
GLTO2FI-SL-SLFI-SL Table with Objects, Structure Corresponds to GLT2
GLTO3FI-SL-SLFISL Table with Objects, Amounts and Quantities in Format P9
RWSHEADERFI-SL-SLReport Writer Data for Set Header
RWSLINEFI-SL-SLReport Writer Data for the Set Line
SETDATAFI-SL-SLSets (Contents)
SETHEADERFI-SL-SLSet Header and Directory
SETHEADERTFI-SL-SLShort Description of a Set
SETLINETFI-SL-SLShort Description of Set Line
SETNODEFI-SL-SLSubsets in Sets
SETO2NFI-SL-SLTables and Set Names for Sets in New Storage Form
SETUSE_BERFI-SL-SLSet Use in Authorizations (Area of Responsibility)
SETUSE_REPFI-SL-SLSet Use in Reports and Libraries
T000CFI-SL-SLTable for Installing FI-SL Customizing
T000GFI-SL-SLCross-Client FI-SL Postings
T001CFI-SL-SLValid Posting Periods for Global Companies
T030CFI-SL-SLGlobal Standard Account Table
T800DFI-SL-SLFields for Master Data Validation
T800SFI-SL-SLFI-SL Set Table
T800XFI-SL-SLFI-SL Set Line Texts
T800YFI-SL-SLFI-SL Set Texts
T802GFI-SL-SLSet Variables
T802GU_SETFI-SL-SLUse of Variables in Sets
T802GU_VARFI-SL-SLUse of Variables in Formula Variables
T802TFI-SL-SLFI-SL Global texts
T804FU_SETFI-SL-SLUse of Dataset Entries in Datasets
T807FI-SL-SLRollup Sequence
T807HFI-SL-SLRollup Header Information
T807RFI-SL-SLFI-SL Rollup: History of Executions
T807TFI-SL-SLFI-SL Rollup texts
T80DFI-SL-SLFI-SL: Control table for client-dependent user exits
T80DTFI-SL-SLFI-SL: Control table for client-dependent user exits
T810AFI-SL-SLSet Usage in Sets
T811UFI-SL-SLTable Information Allocation Sender/Receiver Relationship
T820FI-SL-SLPlanning Parameters
T820FFI-SL-SLPlanning Parameters: Field Group Information
T820TFI-SL-SLPlanning Parameter Descriptions
T822FI-SL-SLPlanning Parameter Classes
T822TFI-SL-SLPlanning Parameter Class Descriptions
T830AFI-SL-SLFI-SL Master Record Table
T830BFI-SL-SLFI-SL Master Record Table
T830DFI-SL-SLFI-SL Master Record Table
T831AFI-SL-SLFI-SL Master data text
T831BFI-SL-SLFI-GLX Master Record Table
T831DFI-SL-SLFI-SL Master data text
T880FI-SL-SLGlobal Company Data (for KONS Ledger)
T881FI-SL-SLFI-SL Ledger
T881TFI-SL-SLFI-SL Ledger text
T881ZFI-SL-SLAdditional Ledger with Special Calculation Type
T882FI-SL-SLCompany Code/Ledger Assignment
T882CFI-SL-SLGlobal Company-Ledger Assignment in FI-SL
T883FI-SL-SLUser Table Fields
T883SFI-SL-SLFI-SL User Tables
T883TFI-SL-SLDescriptions of FI-SL user tables
T884CFI-SL-SLControl Balance Carried Forward
T886FI-SL-SLFI-SL Activities
T886AFI-SL-SLActivity/Ledger Information
T886BFI-SL-SLActivity/Ledger/CCode Information
T886CFI-SL-SLActivity/Ledger/Company Information
T887FI-SL-SLActivity/Ledger/CCode Information
T887CFI-SL-SLActivity/Ledger/Company Information
T888FI-SL-SLField Movement Header Table
T888MFI-SL-SLFI-SL Field Assignments
T888TFI-SL-SLFI-SL Field Assignment Texts
T889FI-SL-SLFI-SL Document Types
T889AFI-SL-SLNumber Ranges for Document Types for Local Objects
T889BFI-SL-SLNumber Ranges for Document Types for Global Objects
T889CFI-SL-SLFI-SL Document Types – Global Company IDs
T889TFI-SL-SLDocument Type Texts
T889TEFI-SL-SLDocument Type Texts
T890FI-SL-SLFI-SL: Boolean Formulas
T891BFI-SL-SLValidation for Special Purpose Ledger / Company Code
T891CFI-SL-SLValidation for Special Purpose Ledger / Global Company
T892BFI-SL-SLSubstitution for Special Purpose Ledger / Company Code
T892CFI-SL-SLSubstitution for Special Purpose Ledger / Global Company
T892UFI-SL-SLRollup Substitution
T893FI-SL-SLLedger Selection Conditions
T894FI-SL-SLFI-SL and FI-LC Versions
T894TFI-SL-SLFI-SL and FI-LC Version Texts
T895FI-SL-SLLocal Fiscal Year-Dependent Version Parameters
T895CFI-SL-SLGlobal Fiscal Year-Dependent Version Parameters
GB01CFI-SL-VSRClasses for Boolean Formulas for Customers
GB31CFI-SL-VSRBoolean Rules: Form Pool Naming Range
GB90FI-SL-VSRBoolean Formula Header for Rules and Boolean Functions
GB901FI-SL-VSRBoolean Formula Data
GB902FI-SL-VSRElements in a Condition
GB903FI-SL-VSRMapping of shortname and SETID of sets used in boolean expr.
GB905FI-SL-VSRUsage of Boolean Rules
GB906FI-SL-VSRRule: Usage of Rules in Rules
GB907FI-SL-VSRRule: Usage of Rules in Substitutions
GB908FI-SL-VSRRule: Usage of Rules in Validations
GB90TFI-SL-VSRTexts for Boolean Formulas
GB921FI-SL-VSRSubstitution Conditions
GB921TFI-SL-VSRSubstitution: Text Table for Substitution Steps
GB922FI-SL-VSRSubstitution Constants
GB922BFI-SL-VSRSubstitutions: Field/Field Substitutions
GB925FI-SL-VSRUsage of Substitutions
GB92TFI-SL-VSRTexts for Substitutions
GB931FI-SL-VSRValidation Activities
GB935FI-SL-VSRUsage of Validations
B93TFI-SL-VSRTexts for Validations
GBC1FI-SL-VSRConfiguration for the Boolean Rule Processor
PA0017FI-TV-COSHR master record: Infotype 0017 (Travel Privileges)
PTRV_ADMINFI-TV-COSTravel Management: Administrative Data for Personnel Numbers
PTRV_ARCHIVEFI-TV-COSAdministrative Table for Archived Trip Data
PTRV_DOC_HDFI-TV-COSTransfer Travel -> FI/CO: Header of TRV int. document
PTRV_DOC_ITFI-TV-COSTransfer Travel -> FI/CO: Lines of TRV interm. document
PTRV_DOC_TAXFI-TV-COSTransfer Travel -> FI/CO: Tax lines of TRV document
PTRV_HEADFI-TV-COSTrip/Separation Bonus Framework Data: All Periods
PTRV_KMSUMFI-TV-COSTable for Use of Miles/Kms Accumulation
PTRV_PERIOFI-TV-COSTable of All Pointers for Trips/Periods
PTRV_ROT_AWKEYFI-TV-COSAssignment of Trip Results to Posting Doc. Number and Line
T702AFI-TV-COSEmployee grouping for trip expense type
T702BFI-TV-COSCredit Card Clearing Assignment Table
T702CFI-TV-COSName: Employee grouping for trip expense type
T702EFI-TV-COSVehicle Types
T702GFI-TV-COSStatutory trip types
T702HFI-TV-COSCaculation Guide Lines: Meals PD/Max.Amounts Scaled by Time
T702IFI-TV-COSStatutory Reimbursement Groups for Meals/Accommodations
T702JFI-TV-COSEnterprise-spec.Reimbursement Groups for Meals/Accomm.
T702KFI-TV-COSService provider
T702LFI-TV-COSName of Service Provider
T702NFI-TV-COSTrip Provision Variants
T702OFI-TV-COSTrip country/Trip region/Trip country group
T702PFI-TV-COSReimbursement Groups for Travel Costs/Add.Flat Rate Types
T702QFI-TV-COSName: Reimburs.Group for Travel Costs/Add.Flat Rate Types
T702RFI-TV-COSTrip Activity Types
T702VFI-TV-COSCalc.Guide Lines for Scaling Meals PD/Max.Amounts by Hours
T702WFI-TV-COSVehicle Classes
T702XFI-TV-COSEnterprise-specific Trip Types
T702YFI-TV-COSEmployee Groupings for Travel Management
T706AFI-TV-COSTrip Provision Deduction Amount/Percentage
T706BFI-TV-COSTrip Expense Types
T706B1FI-TV-COSTrip Expense Types
T706B2FI-TV-COSTrip Expense Types: Default Value/Maximum Amounts
T706B3FI-TV-COSTrip Expense Type Grouping
T706B4FI-TV-COSTrip Expense Types: Assignment of Wage Types
T706B5FI-TV-COSNames for Trip Expense Types
T706CFI-TV-COSNames for Trip Expense Types
T706DFI-TV-COSDefault Values for Dialog
T706EFI-TV-COSNames for vehicle types
T706FFI-TV-COSTrip Provision: Flat Rates for Travel Costs
T706GFI-TV-COSNames for statutory trip types
T706HFI-TV-COSTrip Provision:Per-diem/Maximum Amount for Meals by Time
T706IFI-TV-COSName for statutory reimbursement group for meals/accomm.
T706JFI-TV-COSName for enterprise-specific for meals/acc.
T706KFI-TV-COSInitial Account Assignment for FI
T706LFI-TV-COSAssignment of Trip Country – Country Group – Region
T706MFI-TV-COSInput Tax for International Per Diems
T706NFI-TV-COSNames for trip provision variants
T706OFI-TV-COSNames for trip country/trip country group/trip region
T706PFI-TV-COSDate Interval for Miles/Kms Accumulation
T706QFI-TV-COSNames for period indicator for miles/kms accumulation
T706RFI-TV-COSNames for trip activity types
T706SFI-TV-COSTrip Schema
T706TFI-TV-COSNames for trip schema
T706UFI-TV-COSTrip Provision: Per Diem for Accommodations
T706VFI-TV-COSTrip Provision: Meals Per-diem/Maximum Amount by Hours
T706WFI-TV-COSNames for vehicle classes
T706XFI-TV-COSNames for enterprise-specific trip types
T706YFI-TV-COSNames for Employee Groupings for Travel Management
T706ZFI-TV-COSIndividual Field Control for Dialog
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