With Transfer of Bank Account Statements you can create payment lots, payment order lots and returns lots automatically.

>Import the data, interpret the data, and save the information in the bank data storage of the component Bank Accounting (FI) with report RFEBKA00 (transaction ff.5/ ff_5).
>The systems performs a posting of the form bank to bank clearing account.
>Select payments, returns, payment orders, and check deposits from the bank data storage and enter them in the relevant lots using report RFKKKA00 (transaction FPB7).

Related Transactions

FI FF.5 / FF_5Bank Statement: Various Formats (SWIFT, MultiCash, BAI…)
FI-CAFPB7Data Transfer from Account Statement to Payment/Returns Lot
FPB8Process Errors
FILEEDITFile Editor – Display/Change Content of Sequential File
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>Financial Accounting
>Bank Accounting Business
>Payment Transactions

Define and classify the external transaction codes of the electronic account statement that you want to transfer to FI-CA as Payment or Return

>Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
>Business Transactions
>Payments Processing
>Incoming/Outgoing Payments

FI-CA Events

953Account Stmt Transfer: Supplement Payment Item
954Account Statement Transfer: Supplement Payment Lot Header
955Account Statement Transfer: Define Type of Lot
956Acct Statement Tfr: Supplement Pymt Order Lot Hdr
957Acct Statement Tfr: Supplement Payment Order Item
958Acct Statement Tfr: Supplement Check Encash. Hdr
959Acct Statement Tfr: Supplement Check Encash. Item
963Acct Stmt Transfer: Supplement Returns Item
964Acct Statement Transfer: Supplement Returns Header
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Technical information


RFEBKA00Bank Statement: Various Formats (SWIFT, MultiCash, BAI…)
RFEBKA96Delete Buffer
RFKKKA00/ RFKKKA01Data Transfer from Account Statement to Payment/Returns Lot
RFKKKADG Acct Statement Transfer: Multicash Test Data Generation
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FIFEBKOElectronic Bank Statement Header Records
FEBEPElectronic Bank Statement Line Items
FEBREReference record for electronic bank statement line item
FI-CAFKKBSTEMAcct Statement Transfer: Messages for Incorrect Records
FKKBSTERAcct Statement Transfer: Incorrect Data
FKKBSTMAAccount Statement Transfer: Appendix to Admin. Records
FKKBSTMCAcct Statement Tfr:History of Processed MultiCash Statements
FKKBSTMVAcct Statement Transfer: Admin. Records
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RFKKBI_FILEEDIT File Editor – Display/Change Content of Sequential File

Function Modules

Function module
FKK_SAMPLE_0950Zahlungsstapelübernahme: Selektion ergänzen
FKK_SAMPLE_0960Übernahme Rückläufer (aus Ktoauszug): Selektion ergänzen
FKK_SELECTIONS_REFUSAL_0960Übernahme Rückläufer (aus Ktoauszug): Selektion ergänzen
FKK_SAMPLE_0960_SELÜbernahme Rückläufer (aus Ktoauszug): Selektion ergänzen
FKK_SAMPLE_SEL_TYPE_CHECKSample Module: Selection Type Check
FKK_BSTM_ERRORDAT_WriteÜbernahme Kontoauszug: Ausgabe fehlerhafter Sätze in die Fehlertabelle
FKK_BSTM_ERRORDAT_READÜbernahme Kontoauszug: Lesen fehlerhafter Sätze aus der Fehlertabelle
FKK_LOT_KEY_CREATEGenerierung eines Keys für Zahlungsstapel
FKK_LOT_KEY_CREATEGenerierung eines Keys für Zahlungsstapel
FKK_RLS_ITEM_PREPAREBereitet eine neue Position für Eingabe vor
FKR2_ITEM_COMPLETEAnreichern einer Rückläuferzeile mit weiteren Daten
FKK_ANALYZE_NOTE_PAYEEVerwendungszwecktext aus FEBRE-Daten ermitteln.
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