With Cash Desk, you can post and assign payments made and received at a cash desk manually.

You can define the cash desk structure for your company in the Cash journal. This means that the cash journal maps the cash desk structure of your company. The cash desk structure includes the cash desks that your company has in individual branches. The branches and their cash desks form the master data for the cash desk structure and are a prerequisite for the cash journal.


FPCDPayment at Cash Desk
FPCJCash Journal
FPCJMCash Journal Master Data
FPSCOverview of Cash Desk Closing
FPCJRCash Journal Evaluation Areas of Responsibility
FQ_FPCJ_SUBranch Office Manager
FQ_FPCJ_SCCashier with Special Tasks
FQ_FPCJ_NCCashier Receipts
FPREPTReceipt Management
FPREPTMMass Receipt Printing
Short Description


>Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
>Business Transactions
>Processing Incoming and Outgoing Payments
>Cash Desk/Cash Journal

Posting Areas

0150Cash Journal: Specifications for Posting Cash Desk Diffs
0158Specifications for Posting Cash Desk Differences
0160Cash Journal: Cash Desk Clrg, Deposits, and Withdrawal Accts
0161Cash Journal/Cash Desk – Payment Category Document Type
0165Cash Desk/Cash Journal: Cash Desk Clearing Accounts
0168Deposit and Withdrawal Accounts
1120Payment Cards: Account Assignment
Posting Area
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Technical information


DFKKCJCCash Desk Closing Data
DFKKCJFTransfer Accepted Payments
DFKKCJKData for Change Amounts at Cash Desk – Different Currency
DFKKCJMCash Journal Master Data
DFKKCJMTText Table for Cash Journal Master Data
DFKKCJTTransaction Data for Cash Journal
DFKKCDLOTSLot Management for Cash Desk and External Cash Desk Services
DFKKCJT_WDRWHCash Journal: Historical Data for Withdrawal (was introduced as from the Ehp7 release)
DFKKREPTReceipt Documents
DFKKREPTCLClearing Information for Receipt Documents
TFK000C-XREPTReceipt Management Used
TFK100DCash Desk: Cash Desk Clearing Accounts
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RFKK_CASHDESK_OPEN_AND_CLOSEOpen and Close Cash Desks in Cash Journal
RFKK_SHOWCHDSKCLOverview of Cash Desk Closing
RFKK_CDLOTS_DELETEDeletion of Entries from Database Table DFKKCDLOTS

Function Modules

Function module
Short Description
FKK_GET_RECEIPTNRQuittungsnummer ziehen
FKK_FUNCTIONS_FOR_FPREPTFüllt die Quittungsnummer in FPY1 Positionen
FKK_GET_CASH_DESK_ROLEBenutzerrolle in der Zweigstelle und Kasse bestimmen
FKK_CJ_READ_ROLE_ACTIVITIESFI-CA: Rollenspezifische Aktvitäten im Kassenbuch
FKK_CHECK_AND_CLOSE_CASH_DESKDurchführung Kassenabschluß
FKK_CJ_CLOSE_PAYMENT_BATCHKassenbuch: Schließen Zahlungsstapel (nur intern verwenden)
FKK_READ_TFK100ATabelle TFK100A lesen
FKK_CD_PAYMENT_CREATEFI-CA Erzeugen einer Zahlung (Barkasse)
FKK_S_CHDSK_CURRENT_AMOUNT_DETAktuellen Kassenbestand bestimmen
FKK_S_PLOT_4_CDESK_CLOSEStapel für die Barkasse schließen
FKK_S_CDESK_CLOSE_BALANCE_SAVEEndbestand fortschreiben
FKK_CJ_CREATE_SPECIAL_TASK_DOCKassenbuch: Sonderbelege und Transaktionsdaten erzeugen bzw. ändern
FKK_COBJECT_AMOUNTS_DETERMINEErmitteln der Bewegungsdaten zum Kassenobjekt
FKK_CHECK_CASH_DESK_IS_OPENPruefen, ob die Kasse offen ist
FKK_S_PLOT_4_CDESK_CREATEStapel für die Barkasse anlegen
FKK_CD_SET_OR_CREATE_PAYMT_LOTStapel für die Barkasse / Kassenbuch setzen oder anlegen
FKK_CD_CREATE_DOCUMENT_HEADERZahlungsbelegkopf erzeugen
FKK_PAYMENT_BATCH_SEND_MAILInfo-Mail für Kurzkontierung bei Umbuchungen
FKK_BANK_CLEARING_ACCOUNT_F4F4 Hilfe fuer Bankverrechnungskonto beim Kassenbuch
FKK_RECEIPTNUMBER_GETQuittungsdruck : Quittungsnummer ermitteln


6005Cash Desk/Cash Journal: Default Document Header Data
6015Cash Desk: Ready for Input
6020Cash Desk: Input Help for Selections
6021Cash Desk: Exclude Specific Open Items
6022Cash Desk: Permitted Clearing Restrictions
6027Cash Desk: Additional Info for Payment Lot
6030Cash Desk: Check Payment Methods against Returns
6035Cash Desk: Check Reconciliation Key/Lot Names
6036Check, Change Reconciliation Key
6040Cash Desk: Print Receipts
6041Cash Desk: Create Receipt
6042Cash Desk: Print Receipt
6045Cash Desk: Print Closing
6046Cash Desk: Create Closing
6047Cash Desk: Exchange Selections
6050Cash Desk: Display Business Partner Data
6051Mixed Payments: Print Receipts
6052Mixed Payments: Create Receipt
6053Mixed Payments: Print Receipt
6055Cash Desk: Create Separate Documents in G/Ledger
6056Cash Desk: Additional Activities for Payment
6057Cash Desk: Add General Ledger Items
6058Cash Desk: Add General Ledger Items for General Ledger Pstg
6060Cash Desk: Barcode Interpretation
6065Cash Desk: Enter Credit Card Details
6070Cash Desk: Check Entry
6072Cash Desk: Determine Factory Calendar
6100Collective Bill: Check Application
6105Process Line Items for Collective Bill
6120Cash Journal: Prepare Additional Functions
6130Cash Journal: Change Account Determination
6140Cash Journal: Additional Checks and Additional Actions
6150Cash Journal: Default Values
6160Cash Journal: Check Amount Authorizations
6170Cash Journal/Cash Desk: Change Payment Lot ID
1782Mass Activity: Receipt Printing
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