A payment aggrement can be used to agree the amount to be paid with the customer (if a business partner pays in a currency different to the currency of the open receivables).



FPVZAgree Payment Amounts



>Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
>Basic Functions
>Postings and Documents
>Basic Settings
>Maintain Central Settings for Posting
‘X’ PaymentAmount Agreement Possible (TFK000C-XUSVZ)


>Financial Accounting Global Settings
>Company Code
>Enter Global Parameters
‘ ‘ No forex rate diff, when clearing in LC (T001-XSLTA)

FI-CA Events

Standard Module
Anlage/Änderung Zahlungsvereinbarung

Further technical information


Agreed Payment Amounts



Function Groups

Function Group
Agreed Payment Amounts

Function Modules

Function Module



 Vereinbarte Zahlbeträge von Datenbank anzeigen/ ändern/ selektieren …
FKK_AGREED_AMOUNTS_ACTIVETest ob vereinbarte Zahlbeträge im System verwendet werden
FKK_AGREED_AMOUNT_CALCULATE Vereinbarten Zahlbetrage auf offene Posten verteilen
ENQUEUE_EFKKOPVZ Request lock for object EFKKOPVZ
DEQUEUE_EFKKOPVZ Release lock on object EFKKOPVZ
*------- payment agreements in use ?
*------- ... read payment agreements 
*------- ... Ersetzen des Ausgleichsbetrages durch Vereinbarung --------
       IF LOC_BETRN_NUM > 0.
           <FKKCL>-XZVEX = 'X'.

Lock Objects

EFKKOPVZ FI-CA: Lock on Agreed Payment Amounts

Payment Agreements


When you clear an open item with a payment agreement, any differences that arise are posted as exchange rate differences. You can define agreements for payment amounts for credits and liabilities. You can also restrict the validity of an agreement to a specific period.

You cannot define a payment agreement for items for which a payment specification or debit memo notification exists.


If you want to make payment agreements, activate the function in Customizing for Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable under Start of the navigation path Basic Functions Next navigation stepPostings and Documents Next navigation stepBasic Settings Next navigation stepMaintain Central Posting Settings End of the navigation path by setting the Payment Amount Agreement Possible indicator.

On the SAP Easy Access menu under Start of the navigation path Payments Next navigation stepAgree Payment Amounts End of the navigation path, you can maintain payment agreements in any currencies. You do this as follows:

  1. Select the open items, for which you want to make an agreement, by business partner, contract account, contract, and company code, and net due date if necessary, and specify the agreement currency.

    If you want to create a payment agreement for the total balance of a business partner (irrespective of the transaction currency of the individual open items), set the Select All Open Items indicator

  2. Choose the Open Items pushbutton.

    Items for which there is a payment specification or a debit memo notification are not selected.

  3. If you want to create a payment agreement for the total balance of several business partners, choose the pushbutton with the quick info text Select Further Items to make further selections.

  4. Select the items for which you want to make the agreement.

    Double click the document number to navigate to the document display.

  5. Under Agreement Data, the system totals the items in the original currency and displays the amount to be paid in the agreement currency according to the exchange rate table. In the Amount to be Split field, enter the payment amount that you have agreed on with the business partner and choose Continue.

  6. Save your entry.

The system automatically splits the agreed amount over the selected open items proportionately and outputs the exchange rate resulting from the agreement.

If you have selected open items where the transaction currency and the agreement currency are the same, the system sets the agreement amount to the original amount and distributes the remaining amount to the other open items proportionately.

In the columns of the table containing the items, you can also define a date to which the agreement is to be valid. By setting the Evaluation in Payment Run indicator, you can determine whether the agreement is only valid for clearing online or also for processing using the payment program.

If you create payment agreements for the total balance of a business partner, during the automatic distribution of the agreement amount, for all items where the transaction currency is the same as the agreement currency, the system sets the agreement amount to the original amount and distributes the remaining amount proportionately to the other open items.

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