Payment lot functions enables you to process incoming and outgoing payments using payment lots.

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FP05Entering and Posting Payments Manually
FP25Incoming check lot

Check lots are special payment lots that are created to post check payments. (For more information, see Creating Payment Lots Manually)

FP35Credit card lot
FP45Payment Order Lot
FPCPLClarification Processing (Payment Lot)
FP30Find Payment


Repayment Request

If you are unable to assign payments received, you can initiate repayment within the payment lot.
The payment program then repays the amounts.
A list display and a reversal transaction can be used for repayment requests.

FPRUOverview of Repayment Requests
FP18Reverse Repayment Request


>Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
>Business Transactions
>Processing Incoming and Outgoing Payments

Technical information


DFKKCFZSTClarification Cases: Payment Lot
DFKKZARepayment Request
DFKKZFPayment lot: Reconciliation key
DFKKZKPayment lot: Header data
DFKKZNPayment Lot: Notes for Clarification
DFKKZPPayment lot: Data for payment
DFKKZPEPayment lot: Error message for payment item
DFKKZPTPayment Lot: Data for Partial Clearing of a Payment
DFKKZRPayment form
DFKKZSPayment lot: Further selections
DFKKZVPayment Lot: Enhancement of Note to Payee
DFK006BXNote to Payee – Texts
TFK012Bank clearing accounts




RFKKZSTBPost payment lot
RFKKZE00Transfer program for payment lot
RFKKKA00Data Transfer from FI Bank Statement to Payment/Returns Lot
RFKKPLADJPayment Lot: Correct Incorrect Status


SAP delivers the following BAPI to handle payment lots:

BAPI_CTRACPAYMINC_APPEND Add Payments to Payment Lot

Function modules

Function module
FKK_PAYMENT_BATCH_CLARIFY_ITEMKlärungsbearbeitung für eine Zahlung
FKK_PAYMENT_BATCH_LOCK_ITEMZahlungsposition sperren
FKK_PAYMENT_BATCH_POSTBuchen eines Zahlungsstapels
FKK_SELTAB_RESOLVE_EXTERNALSAuflösen externer Selektionen (T_SELTAB wird verändert)
FKK_OPEN_ITEM_DUPLICATE_CHECKPrüfen, ob Posten selektiert sind, die schon zum Ausgleich vorgemerkt sind
FKK_CREATE_DOC_MASS_AND_CLEARBuchen Beleg mit Ausgleich im Vetragskontokorrent (Massendaten)
FKK_PAYMENT_BATCH_FIND_PAYMENTZahlungsstapelposition zu einem Zahlungsbeleg ermitteln
FKK_NOTE_TEXT_READFinds stored contract account info by text of note to payee
VKEZ_PAYMLOT_BATCH_READ_0950IS-IS-CD 0950: Zahlungsstapelübernahme – Selektion ergänzen


0210Clearing: Selection Criteria: External -> Internal
0211- 0243Payment Lot
0950Payment Lot Transfer: Increase Selection

Payment Lot Functions




You enter payment lots manually if the payment information exists in document form. This is normally the case for check payments, although incoming bank transfers can also be entered manually. When you create a payment lot, you assign a key to each lot, and enter header data, and a payment lot item for each payment (see Creating Payment Lots Manually).

During manual and automatic creation of payment lots, the system can propose a key for the payment lot if you register an appropriate function module in Customizing for event 0211.


To be able to process the payments you entered further (closing, changing, and posting), save the payment lot. If a payment lot is particularly large, you should save your data regularly during the entry process.


Once all payments for a payment lot have been entered correctly, close the lot. Once you have done this, note that you can neither delete payments from the lot, nor add new payments to it. You can, however, change payments it contains. You have to close payment lots before you can post them.


To check payments posted in a lot, you can display the lot and payment lot items. From the payment lot item display, you can:

  • Reset a payment assignment (menu: Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation stepReverse Payment Assignment End of the navigation path)

  • Go to clarification processing if the payment could not be completely assigned (menu: Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation stepClarification End of the navigation path)

You can also display lots that have already been archived.


Provided no postings have been scheduled or have taken place, you can:

  • Enter additional payments, change or delete existing payments

  • Change the entries in the fields Company Code,Business Area, Document Type, Posting Date,Document Date, and Value Date in the payment lot header using the function Change Posting Specifications Change Posting Specifications (Change Posting Specifications) – even if items already exist for the lot.

    When you save, the new values are inherited by all payment lot items.


Once you have finished processing a payment lot you can close and post it. When a payment lot is posted, the payment amounts are transferred from the incoming payment account to the contract accounts. If an amount paid cannot be automatically assigned to an item, this amount is posted to a clarification account. The payment is then included in the clarification worklist. In the case of check lots, an additional posting is normally made by which a transfer posting of the total amount of the payment lot is made from the incoming check account to a clearing account for incoming checks. In the header of a check lot you can also specify that no posting is entered for a check deposit using the total amount of the lot. In this case, specify the check clearing account in the lot header, not the check deposit account. For more information see the field help for the Without Posting for Check Deposit field. You define default values for theWithout Posting for Check Deposit field in Customizing for Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable under Start of the navigation path Business Transactions Next navigation stepPayments Next navigation stepDefine Default Values for Check Lots End of the navigation path. This procedure is described inPosting Payment Lots. If errors occurred during posting, the payments within the payment lot can be postprocessed.


A lot that has already been closed, and for which no postings have been scheduled or made, can be reopened for corrections before posting. To open a payment lot in such a case, you need special authorization for object F_KK_SONDwith activity 011.


If, when posting a payment lot, payments were posted to a clarification account or errors occurred, you can:

  • Postprocess the erroneous payments for each individual payment lot

  • Postprocess all payments containing errors (possibly restricted by selections) using the clarification worklist

For more information about how to proceed, see Postprocessing Clarification Cases.

Create Check Deposit List

You can create check deposit lists for check lots.

For more information, see Creating Check Deposit Lists.

Generating Check Deposit Lists

Choose one of the following paths:

  • Role Start of the navigation path Incoming payment processing(SAP_FI_CA_INCOMMING_PAYMENTS) Next navigation stepCreate check deposit listEnd of the navigation path

  • SAP Menu Start of the navigation path Periodic Processing Next navigation stepData for Externals Next navigation stepBanks Next navigation stepCheck Deposit List End of the navigation path

On the screen that is now displayed, you choose the check lots for which checks are to be deposited. Using the form ID, you determine the format of the deposit list.

Correcting check numbers in check lot items

When, during the creation of a check deposit list, you establish that check numbers have been entered incorrectly for individual payments, you can correct these check numbers as follows (even in lots that have already been closed and posted):

  1. In the SAP menu, choose Start of the navigation path Payments Next navigation stepCheck Lot End of the navigation path , and enter the required lot.

  2. On the initial screen of the check lot, choose Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation stepCorrect Check Numbers End of the navigation path .

  3. Then call up the detailed display for the check payment to be corrected and select Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation stepCorrect Check Numbers End of the navigation path . This makes the check number field ready for input.

  4. Overwrite and save the check number.

To change the check number, you require authorization 014 for the authorization object F_KK_SOND.

Postprocessing Clarification Cases

If you want to postprocess the clarification cases of a lot, choose:

  • The role Incoming payment processing (SAP_FI_CA_INCOMMING_PAYMENTS) and there chooseProcess Payment Lot

  • On the SAP Easy Access screen Start of the navigation path Payments Next navigation stepPayment Lot End of the navigation path

Enter the key of the payment lot and choose Postprocess.

If you want to find a payment in a clarification, choose:

  • The Role Incoming payment processing (SAP_FI_CA_INCOMMING_PAYMENTS) and there choose Find Payment

  • On the SAP Easy Access screen Start of the navigation path Payments Next navigation stepClarification Activities Next navigation stepFind Payment End of the navigation path

After you have entered the selection criteria, this report searches for suitable payments in the payment lots. For more information, see the program documentation.

If you want to call the clarification worklist, choose:

  • The role Incoming payment processing (SAP_FI_CA_INCOMMING_PAYMENTS) and there chooseClarification Processing: Payment Assignment

  • On the SAP Easy Access screen Start of the navigation path Payments Next navigation stepClarification Activities Next navigation stepPayment Assignment End of the navigation path

Enter the desired selection criteria and execute the program.


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