The functionality Submitting Receivables to Collection Agencies is required if a customer does not pay his receivables and all measures like dunning have been taken to collect the receivables.


The transactions FP03I, FP03P and FKKCOLL_MONI are relevant for the new solution Legal Dunning only.

FP03Submission to External Coll. Agency
FP03DSubmit Receivables to Coll. Agency
FP03DMMass Activity: Submission to Coll. Agency
FP03DMLDeletion of Submissions Logs
FP03ERelease of Items for Collection
FP03ECSubmit Items for Internal Collection
FP03FRead Collection Agency File
FP03HHistory of Collection Items
FP03IProcess Info from External Collection Agencies
FP03LList of Collection Items
FP03MMass Run: Release for Collection
FP03PProcess Info from External Collection Agencies
FP03UCall Back Receivables from Coll. Agency
FPCIInformation for Collection Agencies
FPCLBWExtraction of Collection Items
FPCOLLAGDerivation Collection Agency – Customizing
FPCOLLAGPDerivation Collection Agency – Maintenance
FPCOLLHISTDisplay Collection History
FKKCOLL_MONIMonitor for Collection Services


>Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
>Business Transactions
>Submit to Collection Agency

Mass activities

The collection agency functionality has three mass activities. The following three entries (table TFK090) are relevant:







1728Mass Activity: Submission to Collection Agency
1729Mass Activity: Information for Collection Agency
1734Mass Activity: Submission to External Collection Agencies
1735Mass Activity: Submission to Collection Agencies, Move Parameters
1738Mass Activity: Submission to Collection Agency, Move Params
1739Mass Activity: Info to Collection Agency, Move Parameters
1815Mass Activity: Selection of Collection Items (BW Extraction)
1816Mass Activity: CL Selection for BW, Move Parameters
5051Collection Agency: Add Header Data in Information File
5052Collection Agency: Add Item Data in Information File
5053Collection Agency: Add End Record in Information File
5056Collection Agency: Change Data for Write-Off
5057Collection Agency: Follow-On Activities
5058Collection Agency: Additional Submission Checks
5059Collection Agency: Exclude Items
5060External Collection Agency: Determine Agency
5061External Collection Agency: Field Supplement
5062Extl Collection Agency: Field Supplement (Header)
5063Collection Agency: Field Supplement (Items)
5064Extl Collection Agency: Field Supplement (Footer)
5065Collection Agency: Recall Items
5066Collection Agency: Read File – Add Payment Lot Header
5067Collection Agency: Read File – Add Payment Lot Item
5068Collection Agency: Determine Charge for Collection Agency
5069Submit Addit. Documents to Collection Agency
6250Collection Agency: Request Debt Recovery Score
6251Coll. Agency: Follow-On Activities for Items Not Submitted
6252Coll. Agency: Add to Enh. Outbound Message for DR Score
6253Coll. Agency: Adopt Enh. Inbound Message for Debt Rec. Score
6260Collection Agency: Grouping of Collection Items
6261Coll.Agency: Outbound Information for Collection Payments
6262Coll.Agency: Business Partner Data for Outbound Service
6263Coll.Agency: Document Supplements for Outbound Service
6264Coll.Agency: Display Ext. Information for Collection Case
6265Coll.Agency: Additional Information for Outbound Service
6267Coll.Agency: Additional Information for Inbound Service
6268Coll.Agency: Assignment of Inbound Document Information
6269Coll.Agency: Outbound Information for Collection Units

Posting Areas

Posting Area
Available Functions
Techn. Field Names
1054Specifications for Submission to Ext. Coll. AgenciesPayment/Dunning Lock Reason,
Alt. Partner,
Document type for payments with FP03F
1056Specifications for Collection Agency ChargesDocument Type,
Main Transaction / Subtransaction
1058Collection Agency: Callback DataCallback ReasonRUGRD
1059Collection Agency: Information to Collection AgencyPartner Change,
Reset Clearing,
1131Specifications for Processing Collection Agency InformationColl.Agency Clearing Account,
Write-Off Reason,
Document Type
1132Define Specifications for Collection Agency PostingsDocument Type,
Main Transaction / Subtransaction

Status of Receivables for Submission to Collection Agency

Status (AGSTA)
Name of Submission Status
When is the Submission Status reached?
01Receivable Released for SubmissionAfter release with transaction FP03E, FP03M (related mass activity) or via dunning.
02Receivable SubmittedAfter submission with transaction FP03, FP03D or FP03DM (related mass activity).
03Receivable Paid by Collection AgencyFull payment via the collection agency (transaction FP03F).
04Receivable Partially Paid by Collection AgencyPartially payment via the collection agency (transaction FP03F).
05Submission of Receivable ReversedAfter reversal (transaction FP08) of the submitted receivable.
06Submission of Receivable FailedCollection Agency is not able to collect the submitted receivable (with status 02). The receivable is written off.
07Receivable Partially Paid Directly and Part UncollectablePartially payment received from customer directly and the rest is written off.
08Receivable Partially Paid and Partially UncollectablePartially payment via the collection agency (transaction FP03F) and the rest is written off.
09Receivable RecalledAfter recall with transaction FP03 or FP03U.
10Receivable Paid Directly by CustomerFull payment received from customer directly (various payment transactions, like FP05).
11Receivable Partially Paid Directly by CustomerPartially payment received from customer directly (various payment transactions, like FP05).
12Receivable ClearedAfter account maintenance with transaction FP06 or FPMA (full clearing).
13Receivable Partially ClearedAfter account maintenance with transaction FP06 or FPMA (partially clearing).
14Receivable Released and Part Not CollectibleCollection Agency is not able to collect a part of a submitted receivable (with status 02).
15Receivable Submitted and Part Not CollectibleAfter partially write-off of a released receivable (with status 01).
16Receivable Recalled and Part Not CollectibleAfter partially write-off of a recalled receivable (with status 09).

Technical information


FKKBContract A/R & A/P: Central Objects

Function Groups / Programs

Function Group
FKA5SAPLFKA5Collection Agency: Function Modules
FKA6SAPLFKA6FI-CA External Collection Agency
FKA9SAPLFKA9FI-CA Collection Agency: Mass Act. FP03M


DFKKCOLLAdmin. Data for Submission of Receivables for Coll. Agency
DFKKCOLLHManagement Data for Submission to Coll. Agency (History)
DFKKCOLL_CHCollection: Changes to Business Partner Master Data
TFK050AStatus of Receivables for Submission to Collection Agency
TFK050BCollection Agencies
TFK050DCallback Reason for Items Submitted to Collection Agency
TFK050ICategories of Information to Collection Agency
TFK050SStatus of Collection Unit
TFK050TCategory of Collection Unit


RFKKCOL2Submit Items to Collection AgencyFP03D
RFKKCOL3List of Collection ItemsFP03L
RFKKCOL4History of Collection ItemsFP03H
RFKKCOLLSubmission of Dunned Receivables to Collection Agenciesn/a
RFKKCOLLAGDerivation of Responsible Collection Agencyn/a
RFKKCOLLFILEGenerate Submission File for Collection Agencyn/a
RFKKCOLL_CONFIRMATION_XI_TESTTest Service CommissionedOutstandingCollectionsERPBulkConfirmation_Outn/a
RFKKCOLRCall Back Receivables from Collection AgencyFP03U
RFKKCOLZTake Back Receivables from Collection Agenciesn/a
RFKKCOPGGenerate Test File for Collection Agency Paymentsn/a
RFKKCOPMRead Collection Agency FileFP03F
RFKKCOPNProcess Collection Agency InformationFP03I
RFKKCOPOPost Collection Agency ReceivablesFP03P

Function Modules

Function Module
FKK_COLLECTION_AGENCY_REVERSEPayment reversal of submitted item (Update DFKKCOLL)
FKK_COLLECTION_FILECollection agency file creation
FKK_COLL_AGENCY_PAYMENTUpdate submission status (Update DFKKCOLL)
FKK_COLL_AGENCY_RELEASE_0350Dunning activity: release for submission to collection agency
FKK_COLL_AGENCY_RESET_CLEARINGReset clearing of submitted item (Update DFKKCOLL)
FKK_COLL_AGENCY_UPDATE_STATUSUpdate submission status (Update DFKKCOLL)
FKK_COLL_HIERARCHY_GETProvides current collection agency history
FKK_DFKKCOLL_STATUS_PAY_GETDetermine the new submission status
FKK_RECALL_FROM_COLLECT_AGENCYRecall document item from collection agency
FKK_RELEASE_FOR_COLLECT_AGENCYProvide document items for release to collection agency

Message Class


Authorization Objects


Archiving Object



Submitting Receivables to Collection Agencies

If a customer does not pay his receivables, and all measures have been taken to collect the receivables, many companies use collection agencies to prevent losing the receivable.

In the case of receivables for which court cases have been initiated or where a court order has been issued for collection (legal dunning proceedings), these receivables are managed in some instances using third-party applications.

Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable enables you to manage postings connected to submitting receivables to a collection agency and the exchange of information with those collection agencies.

For managing receivables for which legal dunning proceedings have been initiated, it is necessary to set up collection agencies in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable for the third-party applications that are used.


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