During the transfer of open items, the system clears the selected items and posts them to the target account.

Using the program Master Data Transfer, you can transfer master data and at the same time transfer the transaction data belonging to the master data (this function is released only for the industry component Public Sector Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable – IS-PS-CA).

Using the program Transferring Open Items and Requests, you can transfer open business partner items and requests at the same time (this function is released only for the industry component Public Sector Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable – IS-PS-CA).


FP40Transfer Itenms
FPU5Transfer Documents to Another Accunt (only for FS-CD/Insurance in the past)
FPMDTTransfer of Master Data and Transaction Data (only for IS-PS-CA)
FP40NTransferItems and Requests (only for IS-PS-CA)



>Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
>Business Transactions

>Define Transfer Reasons
>Define Default Value for Transfer Reason
>Define Specifications and Default Values for Transfer
>Define Specifications Dependent on Transfer Reason
>Define Transactions for the Transfer of Items and Requests


0980Transfer Postings: Check EntriesFKK_SAMPLE_0980
0982Transfer Postings: Check Master DataFKK_SAMPLE_0982
0984Transfer Postings: Check Line ItemsFKK_SAMPLE_0984
0986Transfer Postings: Additional ActionsFKK_SAMPLE_0986
0988Tfr Posting to Other Company Code: Check Target Acct Rel.FKK_SAMPLE_0988
0989Tfr Pstg to Other Company Code: Screen for Add. SelectionFKK_SAMPLE_0989
0990Tfr Posting to Other Company Code: Validity of ApplicationFKK_SAMPLE_0990
5085Transfer Items: Define Selection CriteriaFKK_SAMPLE_5085
5110Transfer Items: Determine Document LocksFKK_SAMPLE_5110
5115Transfer Items: Comparison of Source/Target Contract AccountFKK_SAMPLE_5115
5120Transfer Items: Determine Additional SpecificationsFKK_SAMPLE_5120
5122Transfer Items: Additional InformationFKK_SAMPLE_5122
5125Transfer Open Items: Payment on AccountFKK_SAMPLE_5125
5130Transfer Open Item: Split CriterionFKK_SAMPLE_5130
5800Master Data Transfer: Check Authorization (Display)FKK_SAMPLE_5800
5801Master Data Transfer: Check If Transfer Is AllowedFKK_SAMPLE_5801
5802Master Data Transfer: Determinie Contract ObjectsFKK_SAMPLE_5802
5803Master Data Transfer: Determing Target Contract AccountFKK_SAMPLE_5803
5804Mass Data Transfer: Display Tree Structure (Name)FKK_SAMPLE_5804
5805Master Data Transfer: Change Contract Acct(Prtnr-Spec.Data)FKK_SAMPLE_5805
5806Master Data Transfer: Transfer Contract to Contract AccountFKK_SAMPLE_5806
5807Master Data Transfer: Follow-On ActivitiesFKK_SAMPLE_5807
5808Master Data Transfer: ActivationFKK_SAMPLE_5808
5809Master Data Transfer: Deletion of ContractFKK_SAMPLE_5809
6515Requests: Change of Data Before TransferFKK_SAMPLE_6515

Technical information


TFK051Transfer Reasons

Function Groups

Function Group
FKU1SAPLFKU1FI-CA: Transfer Open Items
FICA_MDTSAPLFICA_MDTMaster Data Transfer Incl. Trans. Data
FKU4SAPLFKU4Transfer of Open Items and Requests

Function Modules

Function Module
FKK_TRANSFER_ITEMS_XBLNRXBLNR in Pakete aufteilen und umbuchen
FKK_TRANSFER_MISC_ADJUSTZusatzangaben zu offenen Posten übernehmen
FKK_TRANSFER_ALLAnordnungen und offene Posten transferieren
FKK_TRANSFER_OPENITEM_SELECTSelektion von offenen Posten für Transfer

Related SAP Consulting Notes

SAP Note
616098FAQ zum ‘Transfer offener Posten’ (FP40)
784806Use of FPU5 and FP40
1724641FP40: Transfer posting of dependencies of acct determin. ID
509460Move-in: Open items not transfer posted

Transferring Open Business Partner Items

Transferring receivables or credits is necessary if a business partner assumes the rights and obligations of another business partner, such as in the case of inheritance or taking on liabilities. From time to time it might also be necessary to transfer receivables or credits within different contracts or contract accounts of the same business partner. This is the case, for example, if a customer terminates a contract, but the remaining receivables are to be collected together with the receivables for the new contract.

During the transfer, the system clears the selected items and posts them to the target account. Most of the posting information is transferred. The new items only differ from the original items in their origin and posting date. The receivables account, due date, transaction name, and dunning and interest information remain the same for these items. You maintain transactions for the transferred items in Customizing for Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable under Business TransactionsTransfersDefine Transactions for Transferring Items . During the transfer, the system does not perform account determination again for the new items. However, this makes it easier to read the account balance display, since you can recognize the transferred items directly from the transaction and transaction text. In event 5110, you can define whether existing payment and dunning locks are retained. If the target account for the transfer posting is a contract account that belongs to a collective bill account, the collective bill is updated automatically.

You can transfer:

Individual items – receivables and credits (see also the explanations for transfer postings in Clarifying Credits )

All items of a business partner

All items of a contract account

All items of a contract

Items from an installment plan In this case, existing installment plans are deactivated automatically and a new installment plan is created for the amount of the remaining open, original receivables.

Items that belong to a collective bill The collective bill is updated automatically.

You can also reverse the transfer document.

For more information about transferring, see SAP Note 616098.

You can only transfer open receivables or credits. When the transfer is made, the system does not determine any new G/L accounts for the posting. This means that no new postings are made to receivables and revenue accounts. If the original contract account also contains items assigned to contracts, you have to enter a target contract for each of the contracts determined by the transaction. You can only carry out the transfer without specifying a target contract if the target contract account is not based on contracts. If the original contract account has postings that are only assigned to contract accounts, then the system also posts them in this way in the transfer document. In this case, specifying a target contract is irrelevant.

 In event 5100 you can override the stipulation that you have to enter a target contract for items that were originally posted to a contract.

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