This component:

  • Creates FI-CA documents for:
    • IS-U consumption billing
    • External billing
    • SD billing (sales, installation)
  • Clears bill receivables with posting items, in particular with budget billing payments that have been made
  • Creates and prints bills
  • Supports reversal processes
  • Manages the budget billing plans and provides functions for processing the budget billing amounts
  • Supports the determination and levying of taxes, charges and duties
  • Supports additional functions such as:
    • Interest calculation
    • Dunning
    • Blocking
    • Settlement control, account maintenance and so on

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The Contract Billing (IS-U-BI) component sends billing documents, credit memos, backbillings and the basis for the budget billing plans to invoicing. The budget billing plan is formed on the basis of the budget billing extrapolation lines, which are created automatically in periodic billing.

Invoicing links the Utilities Industry (IS-U) component with the Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable (FI-CA) component. Posting documents and budget billing plans are created in FI-CA and are taken into account by invoicing during account maintenance.

The Print Workbench (IS-U-TO-PW) component is used for creating the bill form.

Relationships between billing, invoicing and contract accounts receivable and payable

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