During a full reversal (transaction EA13), a reversal of the billing documents is automatically executed along with the invoicing reversal

Since the steps of this function are already described in the documentation for each individual function, this section deals only with the features that are different.


The system differentiates between single reversal (transaction EA13) and mass reversal (transaction EA14):

  • For a single reversal, enter:
  • Number of a contract accounting document
  • The reconciliation key under which the new contract accounting document is to be posted
  • Reversal date
  • Reversal reason

After you have chosen the function, you must select the numbers of the billing documents to be reversed. Here you can enter the documents that contain errors and must be reversed. If, for example, a joint bill for electricity, gas and water is only partially incorrect, you can reverse and correct the billing document for electricity only, and send the customer the corrected electricity bill.

  • For a mass reversal, enter:
  • The number of the contract accounting documents
  • Reversal date
  • Reversal reason

In this case you do not select the billing documents; all the billing documents included in each contract accounting document are reversed.


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