The settlement type in contract account represents the business transaction (such as invoicing, automatic account maintenance, cash desk and payment lot) in automatic settlement and clearing postings. It is used for determination of the payment allocation rules and settlement rules.

The settlement type also characterizes the grouping of the invoicing unit in invoicing. It is determined dynamically in the invoicing run from the grouping and the properties of the invoicing unit.

The settlement type is used to control a number of invoicing functions. It is stored in the header data of the print document ERDK (VERART).

The following predefined settlement types are available: You use event IS-U Invoicing: Settlement Types (R400) to override them.

The settlement types for invoicing that are delivered by SAP are oriented towards the billing transaction of the billing documents to be invoiced:
The following settlement types are available:

  • Create bill:
  • Periodic billing (R41)
    The invoicing unit only groups together period and interim billings.
  • Final billing of contract (R42)
    At least one contract of the invoicing unit is finally invoiced, although the contract account still does not contain any finally billed contracts.
  • Final billing of contract account (move-out) (R43)
    All contracts of the contract account are finally billed.
  • Create partial bill/request budget billing amount
  • Partial bill (R5)
  • Statistical budget billing request (R6)
  • Create collective bill
  • Create collective bill (R4Z)

In all other cases, the settlement type corresponds with the source key of the business transaction (such as R4 or R5).

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