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The Government of India is planning to roll out GST (Goods & Service Tax) from 1st of July, 2017 as per the latest update.

Based on the draft Model GST law SAP has started releasing Notes for DDIC changes, Screen Changes, Master Data and transaction data.


Minimum Support Pack level and tax procedure required is TAXINN.

Refer to the below, SAP note for information on GST prerequisites,

SAP Note: 2315692 – Information on GST

As the GST Bill is passed, SAP is currently working on the solution part of it. Once the solution is ready, it will be available on the service market place. Now till the solution is rolled out to the customers, the only below pre-requisites needs to be followed by them as mentioned.

  1. Customers are recommended to be at minimum support pack levels as per note 1175384 (Component is SAP_APPL) to obtain further support for legal changes in India Logistics and Indirect Taxes.
  2. It is mandatory for all the customers to have TAXINN as tax procedure not TAXINJ, as GST will be based on TAXINN. Customers who are still using TAXINJ they would have to migrate to TAXINN.

Note: Please note that Tax Migration from TAXINJ to TAXINN Solution has been delivered by SAP as a CONSULTING SOLUTION. Kindly check/plan with your consulting teams accordingly. You can refer to all the below mentioned notes for tax migration.

Refer to below notes for Tax Migration Activties.

2252781 – FAQ on Tax procedure migration from TAXINJ to TAXINN

2014164 – TAXINJ to TAXINN Migration

2167294 – Prerequisite Note for SAP Note 2153807

2153807 – Improvements in Tax code update programs for Purchase Order/Scheduling Agreemen

2161911 – Purchase order display and Invoice display/cancel issue

2200639 – Errors in report J_1I_TAXUPDATE_PO – J1IMGPO



The list of SAP Notes for GST solution and the order in which they should be applied are below and will be updated as and when there is a new note released-

1. 2405502  GST India – Changes to Master data- DDIC activities : https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/notes/2405502

2. 2385575  GST India – Changes to Master data : https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/notes/2385575

3. 2407980  GST India – Changes to tax procedure and pricing procedure : https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/notes/2407980

4. 2415115  GST India – Changes to Transaction data- Data Dictionary activities  https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/notes/2415115

5. 2417506  GST India –  Utilities :

6. 2376723 GST IN: BAdI definition for screen enhancement in Enjoy transactions of FI and MM

7. 2378678 GST IN: BAdI implementation in Enjoy transactions of FI and MM

8. 2419214 GST IN: Changes to MIRO Invoice item level screen

9. 2419215 GST IN: Changes for FI Invoice item level screen

10. 2426581 – GST India: Tax calculation based on vendor region and vendor GST classification

11. 2410105 Sales related changes for India GST for sales order creation and Invoice posting  https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/notes/2410105

12. 2410917  Activating Line item wise tax calculation for posting GST relevant billing docu : https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/notes/2410917

13. 2416018 GST India: Stock Transfer

14. 2428495 – GST India: Corrections to note 2416018

15. 2386062 India GST: GSP and ASP :

16. 2405801  FAQ on Goods and Services Tax (GST) : https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/notes/2405801

17. 2433488 – FAQ on SAP ASP – GST Digital Compliance Service for India

18. 2444868 – GST India: External Service Management

19. 2382903 – GST IN:Defaulting No excise entry for GST material in excise tab in transaction – MIGO while doing goods receipt

20. 2434518- Disabling excise invoice creation in background in tcode – VF01 for GST material

21. 2458404 – GST India: Import

Supporting KBAs:

Find below the list of Knowledge Base Articles(KBAs) which will assist in case there is any difficulty in creating the DDIC objects or setting up Master Data or applying any of the above Notes.

1. 2410053 Control Code and GST Vendor Classification fields not available in Field catalo

2. 2412663 Error- Select a document field for XXXX occurs, VT510

3. 2417939 GST Vendor classification issue in FV11

4. 2418631 Issues while applying GST India SAP note 2415115 https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/notes/2418631

5. 2419803 GST India GSTIN not updating/saving in Business place view

6. 2456575 – GST IN: New GST fields not visible in MIRO/FB60 tcodes

7. 2431425  GST IN: Error 00002 Enter a valid value, J_1IEXCDEFN

8. 2433412 – GST IN: J_1I_CUSTOMS Data element definition missing

9. 2413682 GST India: Missing Objects when Implementing SAP Notes 2405502 and 2415115

10. 2420891 GST India: Maintenance of Business Place wise GL Determination

11. 2428298 Control code not fetched for condition record – TAXINN

12. 2430349 GST India: Maintenance of HSN/SAC Codes

13. 2435176 GST IN: J_1IG_INV gives dump for FM J_1IG_GET_PLANT_DETAILS

14. 2438376  GST IN: FF713 Tax code XX country IN does not exist in procedure XXXX

15. 2446764 – GST IN: Error during GUI status J_1IG_STO_STAT creation

16. 2458686 – GST – MIRO – HSN code description gets updated rather than the code when selected from F4 Help

17. 2435112  GST – STO – Error in transaction code J_1IG_INV

Also there is an external GST Jam site created for which all the customers who have got the invitation has the access, where the latest updates and development on GST can be found.
The same can be accessed through-



SAP’s Solution Approach for GST
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