A Universal Journal entry consists of a header and respective items and in some scenarios it is possible to have item entries without a header value. Universal Journal is a one-line item table with full detail for all the components. No reconciliation is required and data is stored only once.

  • Header Table – BKPF
  • Respective Item Table – ACDOCA
  • Respective item table ACDOCA consists of all the fields required for General Ledger, Asset Accounting, and Material Ledger, etc.
  • Universal Journal contains 6-digit line item numbering
  • Universal Journal contains 23-digit currency fields

For each business transaction in one of the application components, a journal entry is created −

  • General Ledger Accounting
  • Asset Accounting
  • Controlling
  • Material Ledger
  • Profitability Analysis

The Journal Entry removes the separation between Financial Accounting and Controlling hence there is no need for any reconciliation between FI and CO, or between FI – General Ledger and FI – Asset Accounting.

Following are the details of the technical component of Simple Finance −

Country DependencyValid for all countries
Software Component VersionSAP_FIN 720
Application ComponentFinancial Accounting (FI) Controlling (CO) Accounting General (AC)

As mentioned above, a universal journal entry maintains 23-digit currency fields which brings the currency concept for FI and CO.

For each journal entry, there is a ledger maintained in which the business transaction is posted. You can also enhance the journal entry by extending the coding block and adding CO-PA characteristics.

All Universal Journal entries are written to a new table – ACDOCA and no entries are made to the old tables. However, you can continue to use reports that use data from the old tables.

Navigate to SAP Easy Access → Accounting → Controlling → Profitability Analysis → Planning → Integrated Planning → Transfer Plan Values to FI-GL (New).


Navigate to SAP Easy Access → Accounting → Controlling → Profitability Analysis → Planning → Tools → HANA Integration.

Profitability Analysis

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