AS SAP CC is not a standalone solution, it must be interfaced with several external systems such as SAP ECC and SAP CRM to perform its key rating and charging functions.

SAP CC is made up of 4 main servers:

  • Core Server
  • BART Server
  • Diameter Server
  • Communications Taxing Server


Below is the summary details of the overall SAP CC 4.0 Software Components.


The diagram below shows the integration overview in SAP CC.

Another important term used by SAP CC is Mediation. What this refers to is the raw network data that your carrier uses to quantify your call, sms and internet services. This raw data is also referred to as Consumption Detail Record (CDR).
It contains information like your phone number, the number you are dialing out to, start of call timestamp, end of call timestamp, duration, account number or contract number etc.

This information is used for the upstream business-critical systems like billing, reporting and analytics.

When you call someone on your phone, SAP CC uses the Online Mediation to monitor your usage in real time.

For prepaid example, SAP CC can:

  1. Control services and manage prepaid balances in real time by checking balances before delivering services to the end customer
  2. Notify the customer when a balance threshold is reached
  3. Terminate the service session when the balance is depleted
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