Majorly used Transaction codes in abap:

SE01 – Transport Organizer (Extended view)

SE03 – Transport Organizer Tools

SE09 – Transport Organizer

SE10 – Transport Organizer

SE11 – ABAP/4 Dictionary

SE12 – ABAP/4 Dictionary Display

SE13 –Dictionary Technical Settings

SE14 – ABAP/4 Dictionary: Database Utility

SE15 – Object Navigator

SE16 – Data Browser : Initial Screen

SE16N – General Table Display

SE17 – General Table Display

SE18 – BADI Builder :Initial Screen For Definitions

SE19 – BADI Builder : Initial Screen For Implementations

SE21 – Package Builder: Initial Screen

SE24 – Class Builder : Initial Screen

SE29 – Application Packets

SE30 – Run Time Analysis : Initial Screen

SE32 – SAP

SE33 – Context Builder : Initial Screen

SE35 – Maintain Dialog Modules

SE36 – Logical Database Builder

SE37 – Function Builder : Initial Screen

SE38 –ABAP Editor : Initial Screen

SE39 – ABAP Splitscreen Editor : Initial Screen

SE41 – Menu Painter : Initial Screen

SE43 – Area Menu Maintenance

SE51 – Screen Painter: Initial Screen

SE54 – Generate table Maintenance Dialog : Initial Table/ View Screen

SE55 – Generate table Maintenance Dialog : Initial Table/ View Screen

SE56 – Generate table Maintenance Dialog : Initial Table/ View Screen

SE57 – Generate table Maintenance Dialog : Initial Table/ View Screen

SE61 – Document Maintenance :

SE62 –Short Text Conversion – Activation

SE63 –Translation

SE71 – Form Painter

SE72 – Style : Request

SE73 – SAP Script Font Maintenance : Initial Screen

SE74 – SAP Script Format Conversion

SE75 – SAP Script Settings

SE76 – SAP Script From Translation

SE77 – SAP Script Style Conversion

SE78 –Administration For Graphics

SE80 – Object Navigator

SE81&SE82 – Application Hierarchy : Display

SE83 –Display Reuse Library

SE84 – Object Navigator

SE85 – Object Navigator

SE90 – Object Navigator

SE91 –Message Maintenance : Initial Screen

SE92 – Maintain system log messages

SE93 –Transaction Code Creation

SM12 – Lock table entries (unlock locked tables)

SM04 – User List

SM30 – Maintain Table Views : Initial Screen

SM31 – Maintain Table Views

SM32 –Table Maintenance

SM35 – Batch Input : Session Overview

SM36 –Define Background Job

SM37 –Simple Job Selection

SM50 – Process Over View

SM51 – SAP Servers

ST01 – System Trace

ST02 – Tune Summary

ST05 – SQL Trace

ST22 – ABAP Run Time Error

WEDI – EDI Menu. IDOC and EDI base.

WE02 – IDOC List

WE07 – IDOC Statistics

SPRO – Customizing : Execute Project

SU01 – Display User Name

SMOD – SAP enhancements

COMD – Project Management For SAP Enhancements

SHDB – Recording Overview

SMARTFORMS – For Smart Form Creation

NACE –Conditions For Output Control

LSMW –Legacy System Migration Workbench

SP01 – Output Control: Spool Request Selection Screen

SP02 – Output Control : Spool Request List

SO10 – Standard Text
AL11 – Application server path

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