This deals with the “Account Determination ID” that is used to determine the Main Transaction and Sub transaction – relevant account assignment data. It is determined from the master data of the contract account to which the business partner item is posted. It separate the set of GL’s for Receivable and Revenue Income for each type of customers.

* System automatically maps the Account Determination IDs for different types of Business partners.
* System automatically determines the respective GL accounts based on the Business Partner type.

Terms Involved:

Account Determination ID:-

It is a combination of main and sub-transactions in SAP FICA.

The main transaction controls the determination of receivables and payable accounts.

The Sub-transactions controls the determination of revenue accounts.

The determination of receivables accounts which are to be posted depends on the different

  1. Company codes,
  2. Division (Gas/ Power/ Water),
  3. Account determination ID and
  4. Main transaction.
  5. GL Account.


Following are the configurations related to account determination:-

  • Define Main Transactions

main tr

  • Define Sub-Transactions

2 Sub tr

  • Assign Main transactions with GL account in EK01

3 EK01

  • Assign Sub-transactions with GL account in EK02

4 EK02

  • Define Document types for SD

5 SD Doc types

  • Derive Main/Sub-Transaction from SD information

6 SD Acc Dterm

  • Define postings to FI-CA for Customer Account Groups

7 transactions

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