Account Balance Display functionality enables quick and comprehensive account information to be obtained regarding open, cleared, or statistical items.

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Transaction Code
FPL9Account Balance Display


>Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
>Basic Functions
>Account Balance Display

FI-CA-Events (Exits – FQEVENTS)

Short Description
 1200 Acct Balance: Set Header Data
 1201 Account Balance: Display Contract Data
 1203 Account Balance: Status Icons/Colors
 1205 Account Balance: Supplement Data
 1206 Account Balance: Name and Execute Additional Function
 1207 Acct Balance: Output Header Data
 1208 Acct Balance: Output Address Data
 1209 Acct Balance: Key
 1210 Account Balance: Add Selection Specifications
 1211 Account Balance: Change Hit List and Totals
 1212 Account Balance: Change Chronology
 1213 Account Balance: Chronology – Modify Output
 1214 Account Balance: Navigation – List of Contracts
 1215 Account Balance: Overview of Budget Billing Plans
 1217 Account Balance: Output Header Data (ALV)
 1218 Account Balance: Add Payment List
 1219 Account Balance: Determination of BPs for Snapshot
 1220 Account Balance: Add Totals
 1221 Account Balance: Relationships
 1230 Account Balance Short Form: Add Data
 1247 Account Balance: Determine Document Type
 1248 Account Balance: Extend Context Menu
 1256 Account Balance: Additional Settings
 1299 Account Balance: Calculation of Balances


Function Groups

Function Group
Short Description
FKL9FI-CA: Account Balance


Table Name
DFKKOPItems in contract account document
DFKKKOHeader Data in Open Item Accounting Document
DFKKOPKG/L Items Table

Function Modules

Function Module
Short Description
FKK_GET_POSTAB_BY_ORISPPosten in der Postab anhand Gruppierung in der Summenvariante
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_ADDPositionen zu teilgezahlten Positionen hinzufügen
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_ADD_INFORMATIONErgänzung zusätzlicher Daten (Zeitpunkt 1205)
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_COMPLETEErgänzung von Sonderfeldern
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_DOUBLECLICKVorwärtsnavigation für Kundenfelder
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_FOR_PNNUMAnzeige der angekündigten Posten
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_FOR_PPKEYAnzeige der Posten zu einem Zahlungsversprechen
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_FOR_RATPLAnzeige der Ursprungsforderungen zu einer Ratenplanforderung
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_FOR_SAMMRAnzeige der Einzelpositionen zu einer Sammelrechnung
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_GET_CURR_ITEMSAktuelle Posten in der Postab lesen
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_GET_PAYINFOZusatzdaten zur Zahlung ermitteln
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_GET_STATISTICSStatistikdaten für Snapshot ermitteln
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_ROLE_BPCLRolle “Vorgänger/Nachfolger” (BP Cleansing)
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_ROLE_CMRolle “Mahngruppe” (Collection Management)
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_ROLE_CUST_GETErmittlung des Customizing der Kontenstandrolle
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_SHOW_CL_ITEMSAnzeige der ausgeglichenen Posten zu einem Ausgleichsbeleg
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_SHOW_LISTTYPEAnzeige des Listtyps im Detail
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_SNAPSHOT_READKontenstand: Snapshot lesen
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_SUB_INITDaten lesen zur Initialisierung eines Subscreens
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_SUB_OKCODEDaten lesen zur Initialisierung eines Subscreens
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_WITH_ITEMSStart der Anzeige mit bereits selektierten Posten
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_WITH_ITEMS_INTStart der Anzeige mit bereits selektierten Posten
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_WITH_SELECTIONSStart der Anzeige mit Übergabe von Selektionsbedingungen
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_WITH_SEL_INTStart der Anzeige mit Übergabe von Selektionsbedingungen

SET/GET parameter

For more Parameters see also table TPARA.

8BALFI-CA Account Balance: Balances Variant
8E2FI-CA: Acct balance – initial screen (procedure parameters)
8EAFI-CA: Account Balance – Line Layout Variant
8EBFI-CA: Account Balance – Company Code
8ECFI-CA: Account Balance – Contract
8EDFI-CA: Account Balance – Installment Plan
8EEFI-CA: Account Balance – Collective Invoice
8EUFI-CA: Acct Balance – Old Local Curr. before Euro Changeover
8EUSTARTFI-CA: Account Balance – Start with Amounts in EUR
8EUTOTALFI-CA: Account Balance – Totals Only in EUR
8LTAccount balance: List Type
8NVOpen Navigation in Account Balance
8SOAccount Balance: Sorting Variant
8USAccount Balance: Default User Selection
810FI-CA: Acct Balance – Default Last Active Tab Page
811FI-CA: Acct Balance – Active Tab Page (Activate with 810)
812FI-CA: Acct Balance – Display Variants in the List
813FI-CA: Account Balance – Hide Navigation
814FI-CA: Account Balance – Reduced Initial Screen
815FI-CA: Account Balance – Initial List Screen
816FI-CA: Acct Balance – Chronology Sorted in Descending Order
816_BALFI-CA:Acct Bal. – Sort Total Chronology in Descending Order?
817FI-CA: Account Balance – Posting Date Chronology
818FI-CA: Account Balance – Role
819FI-CA: Account Balance – Double Click Field-Sensitive
820FI-CA: Account Balance – Display Zero Clearing
821FI-CA: Account Bal. – Only Due/Partially Paid BBPs
822FI-CA: Account Balance – Display List as ALV Grid
823FI-CA: Account Balance – Tol. Days for Budget Billing Plans
824Account Balance: Billing Documents Cumulated?
825_CLTOLAccount Bal.: Number of Days for Selection of Cleared Items
825_OPALLAccount Balance: Select All Open Items Due in N Days
825_OPTOLAccount Balance: Number of Days for Selection of Open Items
825_RPALLAccount Bal.: All Open Installment Plan Items Due in N Days
825_RPTOLAcct Bal.: Number of Days for Sel. of Open Inst. Plan Items
826FI-CA: Account Balance – List Category
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