This component enables you to create correspondence relating to individual requests (such as account information) and mass requests (including the printing of bills, dunning notices and return notifications) to be sent to the business partner.


Short Description
EFRMPrint Workbench: Application Form
FPCC0002Create Account Statements
FPCC0026Balance Notification Account Creation
FPCC0029Create Business Partner Statement
FPCC0034Generate Write-Off Notification
FPCOPARACorrespondence Printing


>Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
>Basic Functions

FI-CA-Events (Exits FQEVENTS)

Short Description
0295Returns: Process Contract Account
0700Correspondence: Print Returns
0701Correspondence: Create Returns
0702Correspondence: Print Account Statement
0703Correspondence: Create Account Statement
0704Correspondence: Print Dunning Notice
0705Correspondence: Create Dunning Notice
0706Correspondence: Print Billing Document
0707Correspondence: Create Billing Document
0708Correspondence: Print Installment Plan
0709Correspondence: Create Installment Plan
0710Correspondence: Print Payment Advice Note
0711Correspondence: Create Payment Advice Note
0712Correspondence: Print Interest
0713Correspondence: Create Interest
0714Correspondence: Print Quotations
0715Correspondence: Create Quotations
0716Correspondence: Print Security Request
0717Correspondence: Create Security Request
0718Correspondence: Print Account Information
0719Correspondence: Create Account Information
0720Correspondence: Print Pledgee Notification
0721Correspondence: Create Pledgee Notification
0722Correspondence: Free -> Print
0723Correspondence: Free -> Create
0724Mass Activity: Correspondence Printing, Move Parameters
0725Correspondence: Create Checks
0726Correspondence: Print Cash Sec.Dep.Interest
0727Correspondence: Create Cash Sec.Dep.Interest
0728Correspondence: Print Payment Forms for Instlmts
0729Correspondence:Create Payment Forms for Instlmts
0730Correspondence: Print Tax Office Certificate
0731Correspondence: Create Tax Office Certificate
0732Correspondence: Print Clearing Information
0733Correspondence: Create Clearing Information
0734Correspondence: Print Payment Plan Info
0735Correspondence: Create Payment Plan Info
0736Correspondence: Print Commission Documentation
0737Correspondence: Create Commission Documentation
0740Correspondence: Print Correspondence Dunning
0741Correspondence: Create Correspondence Dunning
0751Correspondence: Create Bal. Int. Calc. for Ins.Obj
0752Correspondence: Print Bal. Int. Calc. for Ins. Obj
0753Correspondence: Create FSCM Biller Direct Information
0754Correspondence: Print FSCM Biller Direct Information
0755Correspondence: Print Payment Form
0756Correspondence: Create Payment Form
0757Correspondence: Print Tax Exemption
0758Correspondence: Create Tax Exemption
0759Inbound Correspondence: General Actions
0760Correspondence: Sender Determination
0762Correspondence: Create Change Information
0763Correspondence: Print Change Information
0765Single Correspondence: Determine Charge Schedule
0766Correspondence: Print Request
0767Correspondence: Create Request
0768Correspondence: Determine Language
0770Correspondence: Recipient Determination
0773Correspondence: Determine Address Type
0774Correspondence: Determine Archive Identification
0775Correspondence: Dispatch Control Determination
0778Correspondence: Determine Application Form
0780Correspondence: Check Accuracy of Correspondence Procedure
0783Correspondence: Print Debit Memo Notification
0784Correspondence: Create Debit Memo Notification
0785Correspondence: Calculate Account Balances
0786Correspondence: Calculate Balances from Tfr Pstgs
0787Correspondence: Create/Print General Correspondence
0790Correspondence: Determine Due Date
0791Correspondence: Credit Clarification
0792Correspondence: Credit Clarification
0793Individual Correspondence: Data Assignment
0794Individual Correspondence: Entry Check
0795Individual Correspondence: Generation Call
0796Print Correspondence: Default User Parameters
0797Individual Correspondence: After Printing
0799Correspondence: Output Reason for Not Printing
0801Single Correspondence: Print Bank Letter
0802Single Correspondence: Create Bank Letter
0803Correspondence: Incorrect Bank Data
0804Correspondence: Incorrect Bank Data
0830Security Deposit: Form Printout
1130Correspondence: Document Attribute for Charges Determination
1384DMS: Filtering of Correspondence before Addition
1720Mass Activity: Correspondence Printing
1721Mass Activity: Correspondence Printing, Move Parameters
1746Mass Activity: Dunning Incoming Correspondence
1747Mass Activity: Dunning Incoming Correspondence, Move Params
1760Mass Activity: Print Installment Plans
1761Mass Activity: Installment Plan Printing (Move Parameters)
1830Mass Activity: Correspondence for Write-Offs
1831Mass Activity: Correspondence for Write-Offs, Move Params
1832Mass Activity: Correspondence for Write-Offs, Item Selection
1907Correspondence: Create Balance Notification for Account
1908Correspondence: Print Balance Notification for Account
1913Correspondence: Determine Contract Account for Partner
1914Correspondence: Print Master Data Change
1915Correspondence: Create Master Data Change
1916Correspondence: Master Data Change – Additional Data
1917Correspondence: Create Write-Off
1918Correspondence: Print Write-Off
2060Interest: Print
2823ICWC Documents: Conversion of Search Profile
2824ICWC Documents: Add Additional Correspondence Entries
3050Installment Plan: Print
6040Cash Desk: Print Receipts
6041Cash Desk: Create Receipt
6042Cash Desk: Print Receipt
6045Cash Desk: Print Closing
6046Cash Desk: Create Closing
6305Boleto: Print
9552Balance Confirmation: Check Balance
R765Account Change, Create Correspondence
R766Account Change, Print Correspondence
R810Correspondence: Print ISU Move-Out Document
R815Correspondence: Create ISU statement
R820Welcome Letter: Create Correspondence
R825Welcome Letter: Print Correspondence
R830Corresp.: ISU Tarif Change Letter -> Print
R835Corresp.: ISU Tarif Change Letter -> Create


Related Tables

Short Description
DFKKCODCorrespondence – Correspondence Data
DFKKCODCLUSTCorrespondence – Correspondence Cluster Data
DFKKCOHCorrespondence – Correspondence Header
DFKKCOHICorrespondence – Correspondence History
DFKKCOMACorrespondence Dunning
DFKKCOMAKTCorrespondence Dunning Activities
DFKKCORRRFDTCluster Table for Correspondence Data

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