With Postings and documents you can enter business transactions in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable.

Related Transactions

FPE1Post Document
FPE2Change Document
FPE2MMass Document Change
FPE3Display Document

Basic Customizing

>Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
>Basic Functions
>Postings and Documents

FI-CA Events (Exits – FQEVENTS)

EventShort Description
10Posting: Document Complete (No Number)
20Posting: Document/Clearing Completed (No Number)
30Posting: Document Number Assigned
31Posting: Document Number Assigned for Additional Document
0032Posting: Create Additional Line Items
0040Posting: Check Open Item Accounting Item
41Posting: Add Open Item Acctg to Cash Mgmt Data
0042Posting: Set OI Accounting Item Clearing Restrictn
0043Posting: Add OI Accounting Item Business Place
0044Posting: Add Open Item Acct Item CFOP Number
0045Posting: Determine Last Recipient
46Posting: Check Variable Withholding Tax Data
0050Posting: Check G/L Item
0060Posting: Check Document Header
0061Posting: Check Complete Document, Set Customer Fields
0062Posting: Exchange Posting Date
0063Posting: Include Document in Collective Bill
0064Posting: Authorization for Contract
0066Posting: Add Expense/Revenue Account for Cash Flow Analysis
0067Posting: Exchange Tax on Sales/Purchases Code
0070Posting: Check if Reversal Permitted
0071Posting: Check if Clearing Reset is Permitted
0072Posting: Reversal in Alternative Fiscal Year
80Posting: Determine Offsetting Company Code
0081Posting: Set Segment Account Assignment
0082Posting: Determine Segment from Profit Center
0085Posting: Additional Industry Data for Rounding Items
0086Posting: Industry Grouping Key for Rounding
0090Posting: Data Rollback
0100Posting: Charge for Tax-Free Posting (Italy)

Related Tables

Table NameDescription
DFKKKOHeader Data in Open Item Accounting Document
DFKKOPBusiness Partner items in contract account document
DFKKOPWItems in contract account document (Repetition)
DFKKOPKG/L Account items in contract account document
DFKKOPWHWithholding Tax Data for Business Partner Item
DFKKRAPTClearing/Reversal History (Line Item Level)


PackageShort Description

Function Groups

Function GroupProgramDescription
KB0SAPLFKB0FI-CA posting interface

Function modules / BAPI’s

Function Module / BAPI’sDescription
FKK_CREATE_DOCBuchen einzelnen Beleg im Massenkontokorrent
FKK_CREATE_DOC_AND_CLEARBuchen einzelnen Beleg im Massenkontokorrent mit Ausgleich anderer Belege
FKK_CREATE_DOC_MASSBuchen Beleg im Massenkontokorrent (Massendaten)
FKK_CREATE_DOC_MASS_AND_CLEARBuchen Beleg mit Ausgleich im Vetragskontokorrent (Massendaten)
BAPI_CTRACDOCUMENT_CREATEYou can use this method to post an FI-CA document.

SAP Consulting Note: 520127 – FI-CA consulting note: Account determination and posting areas


Technically, a posting area consists of

Control parameters specified by SAP (system tables):

    • TFK033F: Definition of the posting areas
    • TFK033G: Name of the posting areas
    • TFK033C: Control, names of the fields for key or function
    • TFK033C1: F1 and F4 modules for fields from TFK033C
    • TFK033C2: Check modules for fields from TFK033C
    • TFK033C3: Navigation modules (for example, to display the specified account)
    • TFK033CF: Specification of the key fields that can be redefined by customers
    • TFK033T: Text modules for the fields from TFK033C

Parameters configurable for the specific installation (customer tables):

    • TFK033D: Data (for example, accounts or document types)
    • TFK033E: Selection of key fields to be used (optional)
    • TFK033R: Definition of an access sequence (optional)
    • TFK033V: Views for posting areas
    • TFK033VT: Name of the views
    • TFK033VF: Assignment of the function fields to views
    • TFK033FLEX: Semantics of the redefined key fields (optional)

During the optional use of views within a posting area (which provides views), the system stores data in the following customer tables:

  • TFK033V: Views
  • TFK033VF: Assignment of the function fields to the views
  • TFK033VT: Name of the views
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