Installment plan can be used to arrange payments by installments for business partners who cannot keep up their payment obligations.


Transaction Codes
FPR1Create Installment plan
FPR2Change / Deactivate Installment plan
FPR3Display Installment plan


>Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
>Business Transactions
>Deferral and Installment Plans

FI-CA Events

0120Clearing: Distrib. Amount to Coll. Inv./Inst. Plan/Bundling
0708Correspondence: Print Installment Plan
0709Correspondence: Create Installment Plan
0728Correspondence: Print Payment Forms for Instlmts
0729Correspondence:Create Payment Forms for Instlmts
1760Mass Activity: Print Installment Plans
1761Mass Activity: Installment Plan Printing (Move Parameters)
1817Mass Act.: Select Installment Plan for BW
1818Mass Act.: Select Installment Plan for BW, Shift Parameters
1880Mass Activity: Snapshot of Installment Plan on Key Date
1881Adjuster Module for Installment Plan Analysis for Key Date
1882Distribution Algorithm – Installments for Source Receivables
2525BW: Read and Buffer Master Data for Installment Plans
2530BW: Maintain Additional Fields for Installment Plans
3000Installment Plan: Transfer Fields from Source Itms
3005Installment Plan: Change Amount and Due date
3010Installment Plan: Select Source Receivables
3015Installment Plan: Display Additional Fields
3020Installment Plan: Exclude Source Receivables (1)
3025Installment Plan: Exclude Source Receivables (2)
3026Installment Plan: Consistency Checks
3027Installment Plan: Applictn-Specific Add. Checks
3028Installment Plan: Hide Functions
3029Installment Plan: Check for IS-U Payment Schedule
3030Installment Plan: Determine Calendar ID
3031Installment Plan: Determine Print Type for Payment Forms
3032Installment Plan: Changing Charge Amount
3033Installment Plan: Penalty Charge/Inflation Offset (Brazil)
3040Installment Plan: After Creation
3041Installment Plan: After Change
3044Installment Plan After Deactivation (Orig. Clearing Info)
3045Installment Plan: After Deactivation
3050Installment Plan: Print
3055Installment Plan: Additional Fields on Screen 0300
5506Dual Control Principle: Check Installment Plan


Further Technical Information

Function Group

Function Group
Short Description
FKN1 SAPLFKN1FI-CA Installment Plan


Table Name
FKK_INSTPLN_HEADHeader Data for Installment Plan
FKK_INSTPLN_HISTInstallment Plan History
FKK_INSTPLN_INVHHistory of Installment Plan Due Dates from Invoicing


Function Modules

Function Module
 Short Description
FKK_DB_INSTPLAN_ORIG_SELECTLiest die Ursprungsposten zur übergebenen Ratenplannummer
FKK_DB_INSTPLAN_SELECTSucht Ursprungsford. in Ratenplänen zu übergebenem GPART / VKONT
FKK_DB_INSTPLN_EXISTENCE_CHECKPrüft die Existenz eines Ratenplanes
FKK_DB_INSTPLN_HIST_CHECKÜberprüfen ob Historie vorhanden ist
FKK_DB_INSTPLN_HIST_INSERTEinfügen der Ratenplanhistorie
FKK_DB_INSTPLN_HIST_SELECTEinlesen der Ratenplanhistorie
FKK_DB_INSTPLN_HIST_UPDATEÄndern der Ratenplanhistorie
FKK_PRINT_CHANGED_INSTALLÄnderungsanschreiben beim ratenplan erstellen


Ratenplan wurde genehmigt
FKK_S_INSTPLAN_CHANGEÄndern eines Ratenplans
FKK_S_INSTPLAN_CHANGEFROMDATALiefert Ratenplan mit Zins- und Gebührenbeleg und Ratenplanattributen
FKK_S_INSTPLAN_CHANGE_BY_INVSetzt Ratenplanattribute gemäß Fakturierungsvorgaben
FKK_S_INSTPLAN_CREATEErstellt einen Ratenplan im Dialog
FKK_S_INSTPLAN_CREATEMODIFIEDErstellt einen Ratenplan mit geänderten Raten (auch Löschen, Hinuzfüge
FKK_S_INSTPLAN_CREATE_BY_DATESErstellt einen Ratenplan mit übergebenen Beträgen und Fälligkeitsdaten
FKK_S_INSTPLAN_DATA_ALINEFakturierung: Ratenplanfälligkeitshistorie anpassen
FKK_S_INSTPLAN_DEACTIVATEDeaktiviert einen Ratenplan
FKK_S_INSTPLAN_DECIDEEntscheidung: genehmigen/ablegen
FKK_S_INSTPLAN_DEL_ALLOWEDÄndert Ratenplan ( auch Hinzufügen und Löschen von Raten)
FKK_S_INSTPLAN_DENYRatenplan wurde abgelehnt
FKK_S_INSTPLAN_DISPLAYAnzeige eines Ratenplans
FKK_S_INSTPLAN_EXISTENCE_CHECKÜberprüft die Existenz des übergebenen Ratenplans
FKK_S_INSTPLAN_GETDETAILLiefert Ratenplan mit Zins- und Gebührenbeleg und Attribute des Ratenplan
FKK_S_INSTPLAN_GETLISTLiefert eine Liste der Ratenpläne zu übergebenen Selektionsparametern
FKK_S_INSTPLAN_GET_ALLOCATIONRatenverteilung gemäß Ursprungsford./Zinsen/Gebühren
FKK_S_INSTPLAN_GET_CURRENT_DEAMomentan zu deaktivierenden RP zurückliefern
FKK_S_INSTPLAN_GET_CURR_DATAStellt gegenwärtige Daten  aus dem globalen Gedächtnis zur Verfügung
FKK_S_INSTPLAN_HIST_DISPLAYAnzeigen der Ratenplanhistorie
FKK_S_INSTPLAN_MODIFYÄndert Ratenplan ( auch Hinzufügen und Löschen von Raten)
FKK_S_INSTPLAN_ORIG_ITEM_CHECKPrüfen,  ob offene Posten in Ratenplan eingehen können
FKK_S_INSTPLAN_PREPARE_DSP_CHGAnzeige eines einzelnen Ratenplans oder einer Liste
FKK_S_INSTPLAN_PRINTDrucken eines Ratenplans
FKK_S_INSTPLAN_PROVIDEStellt einen Ratenplan zur Bearbeitung zur Verfügung
FKK_S_INSTPLAN_READ_FASTStellt einen Ratenplan zur Bearbeitung zur Verfügung
FKK_S_INSTPLAN_VIEW_DOCUMENTKontenstand: Anzeige der Ursprungsforderungen zu einer Ratenplanforder


All possible installment plans inconsistencies and all possible correction reports:

Short Description
RFKKCHKINST1Checks if there are documents in the systemwhich have an entry in DFKKOP-ABWBL for an installment plan, but the installment plan does not exist.
RFKKCHKINST3Checks if the instalment plan does not exist or is not updated.
RFKKCHKINST5Checks if there are documents in the system, which have an entry in  DFKKOP-ABWBL for an installment plan, but the installment plan is already deactivated
RFKKCHKINST6Checks if there are documents in the system, which have an entry in DFKKOP-ABWBL for an installment plan and the sum of the amounts of the source items is not the same as the amounts of installment plan items.
RFKKCHKINST7Checks if there are installment plans which are still open put have no entry for source items in DFKKOP-ABWBL.
RFKKCHKINST9Check if there are Installment plans in the system which have no original items with field ABWBL filled and also there is no installment plan history in table FKK_INSTPLN_HIST.
RFKKCHKINST10Checks if there are documents in the system, which have an entry in DFKKOP-ABWBL for an installment plan and the sum of the amounts of the source items is not the same as the amounts of installment plan items.
RFKKCHKINST11Checks if there are documents in the system, which have no entry in DFKKOP-ABWBL for an installment plan but the installment plan is still active. In repair mode it updates fields ABWBL and ABWTP in the source receivables.
RFKKCHKINST12Checks whether there are installment plans in the system which have an different outstanding amount in comparison to the source items

Installment Plan

With an installment plan you divide source items to several installment receivables that have a due date in the future. Once an installment plan has been posted, the items of the installment plan and not the source items are referred to when a bank collection is made, or when a dunning run is carried out.

You create an installment plan for business partners wishing to make payment but who are temporarily unable to keep up their payment obligations. One or more source items can form part of an installment plan. However, only receivables and items in the same currency and in one contract account can be included in an installment plan.

An installment plan consists of a statistical document with several installment receivables. The individual installment receivable is cleared upon payment. The number of the installment plan is saved in the source items. This ensures a connection between the installment plan and the source receivables, and between the source receivables and the installment plan. If interest is payable on an installment plan, the installment plan will also have an interest supplement.


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