With the Interest Calculation you can calculate interest for open and cleared debit and credit items. It is also possible to calculate interest for installment plans and cash security deposits.


FPI1Calculate Interest Individually
FPINTM1Interest Run
FPI2Interest on Cash Security Deposit
FPINTM2Cash Security Deposit Interest Run
FPI3Overdue Interest for Installment Plan
FPI4Display Interest Calculation


>Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
>Business Transactions
>Interest Calculation

Mass activities







1778Mass Activity: Cash Security Deposit Interest Calculation
1788Mass Activity: Interest Calculation for Line Items
1789Mass Activity: Line Item Interest Calculation, Move Parameters
2000Interest: Determine Interest Key for Items
2005Cash Sec. Dep. Int: Interest Key Determination
2010Interest: Exclude Items
2015Interest on Cash Security Deposit: Item Check
2020Special Interest: Exclude Item
2030Interest: Set Additional Texts for Dialog Processing
2040Interest: Check Amount Limit
2045Interest: Additional Activities
2050Interest: Apply Alternative Interest Key
2055Interest: Interest Calculation on Clearing
2060Interest: Print
2065Interest: Set Value Date
2070Interest: No Interest Calculation for Credit
2075Interest: Rounding of Calculated Interest
2080Interest: Check on Balance Interest Calculation
2085Interest. Summarize Items for Interest Calculation
2087Interest: Distribute Items for Interest Calculation
2090Interest: Change Tolerance Days and Interest Calculation Per
2092Interest: Set No Interest Days for Good Payers
2095Interest: Calculate Net Amount for Interest Calculation
2097Interest: Source Items/Inst. Plan Assgt in Inst.Plan Int.Calc

Posting Areas

Posting Area
1080Interest Calculation Specifications
1081Cash Deposit Interest: Specifications
1082Mass Activity Interest Calculation
1083Mass Activity Interest on Cash Security Deposit
1084Additional Functions for Interest Calculation
1085Interest on Arrears: Specifications
1086Assign Transactions to Withholding Tax Code and Interest Key
1105Installment Plan Interest: Specifications

Further technical information


FKKBContract A/R & A/P: Central Objects
FKKZInterest Calculation FI/ CA: Common Objects

Function Groups / Programs

Function Group
FKBISAPLFKBIFI-CA: Common function modules for interest
FKI1SAPLFKI1FI-CA: Interest (item interest calc)
FKI2SAPLFKI2FI-CA: Interest Calc: History & Supplement
FKI3SAPLFKI3FI-CA: Interest Calculation Customizing
FKI4SAPLFKI4FI-CA: Interest maintenance dialogs
FKI5SAPLFKI5FI-CA: Loan calculation – interest
FKI6SAPLFKI6Interest Calculation Add. Functions
FKI7SAPLFKI7FI-CA: Parameter Group Interest
FKI8SAPLFKI8FI-CA: Mass run interest
FKI9SAPLFKI9FI-CA: Mass Selection of Items


DFKKIADatabase table for FKKIA – interest supplement
DFKKIAPTInterest Calculation: Log for Interest Run
DFKKIHFI-CA: Table with Interest History


RFKKINT_MASS_LOGInterest Calculation Overview

Function Modules

Function Module
FKK_CREATE_INTEREST_DOCBucht einen Zinsbeleg im Dialog
FKK_CREATE_INTEREST_DOC_MASSBucht einen Zinsbeleg aus einer Massenaktivität heraus
FKK_DB_TFK056A_SINGLELiest Steuerparameter zu einem Zinsschluessel IKEY
FKK_DB_TFK057_SINGLEErmittelt Grenzbeträge für Verzinsung
FKK_INSTPLAN_INTEREST_ACTUALZinsbeleg beim Ändern eines Ratenplans
FKK_INSTPLAN_POST_INTEREST_DOCZinsbeleg beim Anlegen eines Ratenplans
FKK_INTEREST_APPENDIX_CREATEFI-CA: Erzeugt einen Zinsanhang zu einem Zinsbeleg auf der Datenbank
FKK_INTEREST_APPENDIX_READFI-CA: Lesen des kompletten Zinsanhangs zu einem Zinsbeleg
FKK_INTEREST_APPENDIX_UPDATEFI-CA: Aktualisieren einen Zinsanhang zu einem Zinsbeleg auf der Datenbank
FKK_INTEREST_CALCBerechnung von Zinsen
FKK_INTEREST_CALC_FOR_P2PZinsen berechnen für Zahlungsversprechen
FKK_INTEREST_CHECK_TODATPrüfbaustein auf das Datum Verzinsung bis für Postenverzinsung
FKK_INTEREST_DOC_CHECKPrüfung ob es sich bei einem Beleg um einen Zinsbeleg handelt
FKK_INTEREST_DOC_DISPLAYAnzeige der Zinsberechnung zu einem Zinsbeleg
FKK_INTEREST_DOC_PROVIDELesen eines Zinsbelegs
FKK_INTEREST_HISTORY_CREATEFI-CA: Wegschreiben der Zinshistorie
FKK_INTEREST_HISTORY_FOR_DOCFI-CA: Lesen der Zinshistorie (Storno, Ratenplan, Sicherheiten etc.)
FKK_INTEREST_HISTORY_GETFI-CA: Lesen der Zinshistorie zu einem Posten
FKK_INTEREST_POST_FOR_P2PZinsen buchen für Zahlungsversprechen
FKK_INTEREST_REVERSEStornieren eines Zinsbeleges
FKK_OPENITEM_POST_INTEREST_DOCZinsbeleg zu offenen Posten
FKK_SAMPLE_1778_BMassenaktivität: Barsicherheitsverzinsung
FKK_SAMPLE_1788_BMassenaktivität: Verzinsung von Sollposten
FKK_TFK056C_CHECKFI-CA: Pruefung ob ein Ausgleichsgrund für die Verzinsung gesperrt ist

Message Class


Authorization Objects


Archiving Objects


SAP Consulting Notes

SAP Note
1458016Separate interest documents for splitting criteria
1387720General Note: Performance of FI-CA Interest Run
420850Interest calculation in the future

Item Interest Calculation

This component enables you to calculate interest on debit and credit items automatically. Individual items and the business transactions that created them are both included in item interest calculation, which allows you to control precisely whether and how interest can be calculated on an item.

The system calculates interest only on those items for which it is able to determine an interest key. The interest key controls interest calculation and can be assigned to contract accounts, a collateral, individual line items or dunning levels. The system normally determines the interest key for each industry, but can also do so on a customer-by-customer basis.

Interest can be calculated on the following items:

  • Open or cleared debit items

  • Installment plans

  • Credit items such as credit memos or cash security deposits

  • Other

You can calculate interest on debit items when:

  • Processing individual line items: Interest is calculated on a business partner’s or contract account’s line items.

  • Using mass processing as part of a dunning run or as a mass activity. Interest can be displayed on the dunning notice.

You can calculate interest on credit items using the following functions:

  • Processing individual line items

  • Mass processing

To determine the way in which interest is calculated, you can:

  • Choose interest calculation methods by which the system determines the number of days on which interest is to be calculated for a given interest period.

  • Define interest rates based on date and amount in the system

  • Use reference interest rates (such as discount rates)

During an interest run, the system calculates and posts interest, and creates the required data for correspondence.

To help avoid charging your business partners very small amounts, you can carry out amount checks per customer or industry.

Interest locks enable you to prevent interest from being calculated on certain items. You can also exclude certain business transactions (such as reversal postings or additional receivables for interest calculation).

Interest can be posted so that it is also posted to the general ledger. Debit interest can also be posted as a statistical item (in other words, not posted to the general ledger).

For each interest item, the interest schedule tells you how the interest amount was determined, including source items, interest period and interest rate. This allows you to reconstruct how interest was determined at a later date.

An interest history records the interest calculation period or each line item on which interest is to be calculated. During interest calculation, the selected items and the interest history are considered jointly. This ensures that interest is only calculated for items once for a certain period.

Utilities Industry (IS-U) component

You can store interest keys in the system for transactions. When posting, the system determines the interest key in terms of the transaction specified for the line item and then stores it in the line item.

As in a dunning run, interest can also be determined and posted in invoicing. If you implement the Invoicingcomponent you can include interest on the invoice printout.

Telecommunications (IS-T) component

You can store interest keys in the system for transactions. When posting, the system determines the interest key in terms of the transaction specified for the line item and then stores it in the line item.





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