Automatic account maintenance can be started in invoicing for the new posting document that is created when the billing documents are invoiced, and for the items of the contract account that are already posted and are still open. The clearing entries resulting from account maintenance are posted in a separate posting document (a clearing entry document). This document forms part of the print document.

You select the open items for account maintenance in Customizing under SAP Utilities ® Invoicing ® Invoice Processing® Item Selection in Invoicing.

You define the rules for automatic allocation of items for clearing or partial clearing in IS-U settlement control (Customizing: Financial Accounting

® Contract Accounting ® Basic Functions ® Open Item Management ® Clearing Control. The key used to determine the settlement (in FI menu referred to as clearing) rules is made up of the settlement type and the settlement category. You specify the settlement type for each settlement unit in the FI-CA event IS-U Invoicing:Settlement Types R400. To do this refer to the information on the invoicing unit. The following settlement types are available as standard in the example function module Determination of a Settlement Type of an Invoicing Unit(ISU_CLEARING_TYPE_R400):

  • Settlement type R43 for final billing of the contract account (in the case of move-out). This case arises if, after the current invoicing unit has been invoiced, all the contracts of the contract account are terminated and invoiced.
  • Settlement type R42 if the invoicing unit contains at least one final billed contract
  • Settlement type R41 (periodic billing) if the invoicing unit consists only of the billing documents from periodic billing or interim billing
  • Settlement type R4Z for the creation of a collective bill
  • In all other cases the settlement type corresponds to the document source (FKKKO-HERKF)


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