You use this function to format data for the bill printout.


To request budget billing amounts, you must use the Budget Billing Plan component, where the budget billing plans are managed as documents of the Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable (FI-CA) component with statistical repetition items.

To print a bill use the Print Workbench (IS-U-BF-PW) component.


You can only execute this function if you have selected Statistical procedure as the budget billing procedure in the contract account.


Creation of Budget Billing Requests

The budget billing plan items to be processed are grouped into invoicing units at the contract account level so that one budget billing request can be created for the customer. However, under certain circumstances, the budget billing request is divided into separate requests.

If the contracts of the contract account have different budget billing due dates, the budget billing request is divided up (exception: late requests). The type of invoicing specified in the contract also determines the type of bill:

  • Contracts whose documents must be invoiced jointly have a common budget billing plan. The budget billing items are requested together on one bill.
  • Contracts whose documents can be invoiced jointly can have budget billing plans with the same budget billing items. If this is the case, budget billings can be requested together on one bill.
  • Contracts whose documents must be invoiced separately can have budget billing plans with the same scheduling data. However, separate budget billing requests are created.

Print Document Creation

A print document is created. The document header contains the creation data including the creation reason 02, and other general information about the budget billing request. Detailed data about the budget billing plan is stored in the bill printout lines. This data is available for printing.

It is also possible to include subitems in the printout of the budget billing requests.


When you start the budget billing request run, you can select the documents to be processed according to business partner, contract account, portion or collective bill account.

By specifying the selection date, you can limit the number of budget billing items to be processed: Only those budget billing amounts are requested whose budget billing request date/partial bill date is before the date specified in the run.


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