The due date is determined from the IS-U term of payment stored in the contract account. To see which term of payment was specified in Customizing, choose Utilities Industry ® Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable ®Basic Functions ® Postings and Documents ® Document ® Payment Terms ® Maintain payment terms. 

The basis for the determination of the due date is the final bill amount (credit/receivable). The bill due date consists of the net due date, discount due date and the discount percentage rate.

The due date is determined in event Determine Due Date from Payment Conditions (1330). You can store your own due date determination rules depending on the payment condition.

When invoicing a consumption billing, the balance from the billing documents less the paid budget billing amounts is used as the basis to determine the due date.

The due date is not determined again for budget billing requests and partial bills, but is transferred from the budget billing plan.

Maintain the payment terms in Customizing for Financial Accounting under:

  • Contract Accounting  ®  Basic Functions ® Postings and Documents   ®  Document   ® Maintain Payment Terms
  • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable  ®  Business Transactions   ® Incoming Invoices/Credit Memos   ®  Maintain Terms of Payment
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