You can dun any contract account items that are due and open in invoicing. The following apply for this function:

  • A dunning proposal is created.
  • The identification feature of the dunning history remains blank.

The identification feature is used to differentiate between program runs with the same execution date. If a dunning history is not generated by a dunning run, but rather by invoicing, then the identification ID does not have a value.

  • The dunning counter is stored in the print document header.

The dunning counter is used to differentiate between the dunning notices for a business partner within a dunning run. The dunning notices are numbered consecutively, starting with number 1.

  • The associated dunning text must be taken into account during creation of the bill form.
  • The print date of the dunning history is issued during bill printout.


Dunning charges cannot be posted in invoicing..

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