You can create bills and partial bills together. 

For example, in the case of a monthly partial bill creation, you can also invoice the queuing bills.

To create a joint bill, you must use one of the following transactions:

  • Create bill and partial bill together – for individual run (EA45)
  • Create bill and partial bill together – for mass run (EA46)
  • Create bill and partial bill together – for parallel mass run (EATR)

When combining consumption bills and partial bills, the parameters stored in the contract are taken into account for the joint invoicing of contracts. Only the consumption bills and partial bills that have different contracts are combined.

If several partial bills are created separately, the queuing consumption bills are only invoiced jointly with one of these partial bills.

If only one type of bill exists (for example, only consumption bill or only partial bills), the report behaves like the respective report for creating bills or partial bills.

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