This function:

  • Generates contract accounting documents for bill receivables from budget billings
  • Settles these documents in account maintenance
  • Formats the data for the bill printout


To create partial bills, you must use the Budget Billing Plan (IS-U-IN-BB) component. Budget billing receivables can be posted as partial bills to the Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable (FI-CA) component.

To print a bill use the Print Workbench (IS-U-BF-PW) component.


You can only execute this function if you have selected Partial bill procedure as the budget billing procedure in the contract account. You must define the budget billing procedure in posting area R301 (Customizing under: SAP Utilities

® Invoicing ® Budget Billing Plan ® Define budget billing plan).

In addition to the general settings for creating a posting to FI-CA, you must make the following settings in Customizing for posting a partial bill. To do this choose SAP Utilities  ® Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable ® Basic Functions ® Postings and Documents:

  • You must maintain the default document types for invoicing (by choosing Document ® Maintain Document Assignments ® Document Types ® Maintain Default Document Types for Partial Bill). Here you can specify the invoicing documents and clearing documents resulting from account maintenance.
  • No additional transaction maintenance is required for invoicing budget billing amounts. The main and subtransactions used in invoicing are already stored in the budget billing plan.
  • The account assignment data of the main budget billing transaction is determined automatically when the budget billing plan is created. (You maintain this data by choosing Document ® Define Account Assignment for Automatic Postings ® Automatic G/L Account Determination ® IS-U Define Acct Assmt Data Relevant to Main Transactions). You must maintain the account assignment data for the budget billing transactions, so that you can determine the G/L account when creating the partial bill (to do this choose ® Define Account Assignments for Automatic Postings ® Automatic G/L Account Determination ® IS-U: Define Acct Assignment Data Relevant to Transactions).


By specifying the selection date, you can limit the number of budget billing items to be processed: Only those budget billing amounts are requested whose partial bill date is before this date.


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