A print document is created when invoicing a contract account.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

A print document consists of a print header and document lines. Posting documents are allocated to the document header by table ERDB.

Data is saved in the document header (table ERDK), such as:

  • Creation reason
  • Creation date, creation time, creator
  • Posting data (document date, posting date, reconciliation key, business partner, contract account)
  • Simulation indicator and posting indicator
  • Reversal information

General information about the bill is also saved in the document header.

Data is stored in the document lines (structure ERDZ) that is available for the bill printout, such as:

  • Data from billing
  • Device data
  • Price and amount information
  • Budget billing plan data
  • Tax information (document line item type SUBT)
  • Subitems of contract accounts receivable and payable (document line type ACCINF)

The document lines are indicated for bill printout by the document line type (such as rounding line, VAT line). You can use either the document line types delivered by SAP or ones you have defined yourself as information for the creation of the bill form.

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