You use this function to display the print documents created by invoicing. You can also use this function to simulate bills and check which print document lines from invoicing were generated and in what order. This is useful when creating applications forms for the bill.


Print documents should exist.


You use this function to display the individual lines of a document in detailed form. For this purpose the individual fields are grouped according to topic, and you can view each group by choosing the appropriate tab pages.

Alternatively you can branch to the Document overview tab page in an overview table that represents the most important fields in tabular form.

The where-used list can be used to display:

  • Billing documents that were included in the print document during invoicing
  • Posting documents that were created in invoicing

You can also display the print document header data.

By choosing Simulate bill, you can display a simulated bill for the print document on the screen. You can also print this bill.


Note the following for this type of print:

  • The print date is not set. This means that the print document is considered as not processed in the future.
  • An existing send control is not taken into account.
  • An alternative bill recipient is not determined.

To print a bill, you use the transaction Print out Print Document.

You can use the buttons Call optical archive (document archiving) and Print document from archive (data archiving) to display the linked information. This are either archived documents, linked work items or linked IDocs. You must note, however, that the links are not created by this function. They can only be displayed here. If you wish to display archived documents, for example, an archive system must already be connected to the R/3 System and you must use the SAP ArchiveLink Interface. You must also specify when printing whether an additional archiving should take place. By double-clicking, you can also branch from the print document to the display of other objects (such as business partner and contract account).


Call transaction Display Print Document (EA40) and enter the number of a print document.


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