You can use this function to print or reprint bills. You can select and print the print documents according to different criteria.

To print the generated documents or to transfer them to an external printing system, you must start this function periodically as a mass run.

This function is intended primarily for mass printing, but it can also be used for printing or reprinting individual print documents.


Actual print documents or simulated print documents exist. In other words, invoicing has been carried out.

A valid application form also exists that can be used for the printout. You specify which form you want to use for the corresponding print document in the contract account in the Applicat. form field.


This function selects the print documents and links their data to the application form you selected. If necessary, an existing send control is taken into account and an alternative bill recipient is determined.

Then each correctly processed print document is marked as printed. The print date of the system is set in the field of the same name. Documents marked in this way can now only be reprinted.


Call the transaction Print out Document(s) (EA60). You define the selection parameters in this transaction. You specify the creation reason. You must also specify whether simulated, posted or unreleased documents are to be selected.

To define the print parameters, choose Print parameters defined. You go to a dialog window where you enter the issue type and the RDI use (raw data interface). If you are using an external printing system, you must also specify the type of data exchange (IDoc or spool) here. In a second dialog box you must specify the remaining print parameters, such as output device and number of printouts.


The parameters are valid for all the print document selected in this run.

If you wish to reprint a document, you must determine the date of the first printout (using the Print Document Display function, for example). You then enter this date under Reprint in the Date of first printout field.


Reprinting may take a long time, since no index is available containing only the documents that were not printed, as is the case for the first printout. This means that the system must check all the print documents that meet the selection criteria you specified.


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