The final bill amount is only rounded in some countries (such as Italy and Brazil).
The rounding takes place at the level of the bill amount.
The rounding is always taken into account in the subsequent bill (rounding amount carry-forward).
It is activated in Customizing and executed according to defined rounding rules.

It is displayed in the account on the bill.

The rounding balance is included in a contract account during final invoicing.

The rounding information is recognized in the print document as print document lines from document line type ROUND (rounding amount of current bill) and ROUNDO (rounding amount of previous bill).


Activate the function in Customizing of SAP Utilities under Invoicing ® Basic Settings ® Define Basic Settings for Invoicing, and define the rounding rules under Invoicing ® Invoice Processing ® Define Rounding Rules for Rounding Amount Carryforward or Define Rounding Limits for Rounding Amount Carryforward.


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


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