You can freely choose the sequence of billing lines for bill printout. To do this you must define the presort key in table Sorting for Bill Printout (V_TE530) (in Customizing under SAP Utilities

® Invoicing ® Bill Printout ® Define Sort Criteria for Bill Printout).

All billing lines (cross-document) are sorted according to the presort key.

Groups are created with the same presort key. These groups are listed alphabetically in the print document.

Further groups are created within a presort key, according to VAT code. The VAT codes are listed alphabetically in the print document. Billing lines without a VAT code are listed at the start of a bill group. After each bill group, the VAT is calculated for the whole group and listed at the end.

The created bill groups are transferred to the respective sorting module that is allocated to the presort key. A further sorting takes place within the sorting module, according to certain criteria. The following sorting modules are predefined:

  • Sorting by company code, contract, division and device
  • Special sorting modules for billing and invoicing gross prices.
  • Special sorting modules for budget billing requests

You can also perform your own bill sorting in Z-sorting modules.

Depending on the Customizing settings, a subtotal line (SUBT) is also generated within a sorting module.


If you do not want to output the subtotals, you must deactivate the posting-relevant in the billing schema for the basic billing lines. The billing simply generates the comparison or information bill lines. If the subtotal is suppressed for posting-relevant billing lines, an invoicing error occurs Difference for tax clearing too large. This is because the suppressed VAT does not match the tax that was posted.
You can calculate a subtotal for information lines to output the tax.


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


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