Subitems are open items that you want to inform the customer about on his/her bill. You can, for example, print the last unpaid bill on the current bill.

You can print the subitems as follows on the bill:

Alternative 1: The selected items are only printed on the bill for information purposes, and are not included in the final bill amount.

Alternative 2: You include the subitems in the bill balance. Make sure that you print a new due amount for the old open items on the bill (suggested regeneration of due date). 

The posting attributes such as due date, payment block and so on, are not changed in the account. This means that some functions such as dunning continue to refer to the old due date. Credit items are an exception. You can include credit items in the bill balance, because credits do not have a due date (payment on account).

The open items to be printed are selected in table Item Selection for Bill Display (TE529). This takes place dependently of the settlement type of the invoicing unit, of the transaction, and of the item due date.

The selected items are printed on the bill for information purposes only. The selected items can be taken into account in the bill balance (only items without a clearing restriction). 

You can use the event Selection of FI-CA Items for Displaying on Bill (R410) to override the items proposed by table TE539. 

The subitems have document line type ACCINF in the print document.

You can use table TE529 to defer an open item printed on the bill (subitem or an open portion of an item that participated in integrated account maintenance). You can also override this proposal with event R410. The system uses the due date of the bill as the deferral date. You only defer a subitem if it is also included in the bill balance.


You maintain table Item Selection for Bill Display (TE529) in Customizing under SAP Utilities ® Invoicing ®Invoice Processing ® Item Selection in Invoicing ®  Item Selection in Account Maintenance/Define Subitems.

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