Company codes are the part of within your organization, the financial transactions are viewed at the company code level. It is SAP recommended approach that once a company code has been defined in configuration with all the required settings then other company codes later created should be copied from the existing company code and then the changes can be made as per business requirement.

Creation of a Company Code

Path: SPRO- SAP IMG – Enterprise Structure – Definition – Financial Accounting – Edit, Copy, Delete, Check Company Code – Edit Company Code Data

Table: T001

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Create new company code by copying the SAP standard company code. While creating new company code by clicking on but as per SAP best practice copy the existing company code is the best approach.

SPRO Transaction


SAP Reference IMG
Click Enterprise Structure
Click Definition
Click Financial Accounting

Click on icon to execute the transaction

Choose Edit, Copy, Delete, Check Company Code
Choose Activity

Creation of company code can be done in two ways.

  1. Copy, delete, check company code (Transaction code EC01)
  2. Edit Company code data (Transaction code OX02)


Organization object – Company Code

Select menu option Organizational object – Copy org.object.

By doing this we can copy the existing configuration of reference company code or press function key F6.

Copy org. object

After selection of copy org.object, system will shows the relevant tables and the popup to input reference and new company code as enclosed below.

Progress Bar
Copy Window

Reference company code is 0001 (delivered by SAP) and the new company code is AS01.

Press enter or click on to proceed or click on to cancel the transaction.

Confirmation Message

By clicking on Yes system will copy the G/L account master data from company code 0001 to company code AS01.

By clicking on No system wont copy the G/L account master data.

By clicking on Cancel system will cancel this activity.

We will receive the below popup after clicking on Yes.

Confirmation Message

Company code 0001 currency is EUR, if the new company code AS01 currency is also same then click on Yes.

If new company code AS01 currency is different from EUR then click on No so system ask for currency as enclosed below.

Change Currency

Please press F4 or click on to see the available currencies in the system.

List of Currencies

Choose the relevant currency and press enter or click on .

Change Local Currency

Press enter or click on system will generate the below information message.

Information Message

When copy a company code, not all the settings is copied, for example there is some data that must be unique for each company code. The fields that are not copied from reference company code 0001 are listed below. After copying the company code data, enter the appropriate data in these fields in the target company code manually. The exact procedure is specified for each field.

Warning Message

The above popup is for transport of number ranges and addresses.

Press enter or click on .

Information Message about Number Ranges

Please select No, as per SAP best practice number ranges to be defined at client level, not to transport number ranges.

System will show the below popup message, here will create transport request which will save the changes, by importing this transport request we can get the new company code AS01 configuration setup in the respective system (Quality or Production or Sandbox).

Prompt for Customizing
Information Message

The above popup saved the new company code AS01 configuration setup in transport request without number ranges.

By clicking on system will bring to initial screen.

Completed Activities

Under tab Completed activities we can see the activity carried out, i.e. Company code 0001 copied to AS01.

Under SAP organizational objects we can see the new company code AS01 as enclosed below.

Overview of Existing Company Codes

Select Edit company code data to change the communication details.

Choose Activity
Company Code Details

Please input details of Company name and additional data as enclosed above and click on to input address details.



Select a Company Code to Edit

– Change mode

– Display

– To create new entries

– Copy existing company code

– Delete

– Undo

– Select all

– Select block

 – Deselect all

– Communication details of company code

Please change the existing values. For example company code 0001 to ABCD and other fields also.

Change Company Code Data

After modified all the details please press enter, in the new popup please input address, contact number, Email id and other required details of company code.

By clicking on this icon communications details can be modified.

Address Data

Please press enter or click on to close this window.

We will come to the initial screen, please click on to save data.

System will ask for the transport request, please give the description so system will create the transport request automatically.

To enter more details please select to input additional details.

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