TAXINN (condition based tax procedure) is a prerequisite for GST regime solution adoption, and migration from TAXINJ (formula based tax procedure) to TAXINN is mandatory for customers belong to TAXINJ.

In SD, all pricing procedure rate determination should also be converted to access sequence levels, from current setup, which is working based on J1ID(for excise) and tax codes( VAT, CST, Service tax..)

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Reason and Prerequisites

Reason: This is a consulting solution

Prerequisite SAP Notes: 2153807, 2161911, 2252781.


  • Follow the steps as mentioned in the attached document ‘TAXINJ_TAXINN_Soln.pdf‘ with the help of consulting.
  • For Frequently Asked Questions regarding Indian tax procedure migration, refer SAP Note 2252781.

Note: For GST enablement, click on the below link

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