Posting Keys in SAP FI are used to determine Account types (A, D, K, M, and S) and also the type of posting. It is 2-digit numerical key.

Different Account Types in SAP FI −

  • A = Assets
  • D = Customers
  • K = Vendors
  • M = Materials
  • S = General Ledger Account

Asset Posting Keys

Posting KeyDescriptionDebit/Credit
70Debit AssetDebit
75Credit AssetCredit

Material Posting Keys

Posting KeyDescriptionDebit/Credit
89Stock Inward MovementMaterial Debit
99Stock outward MovementMaterial Credit

There are various Account type posting keys available in SAP FI.

How to create a SAP FI Posting Key?

Go to SPRO → SAP Reference IMG → Financial Accounting → Financial Accounting Global Setting → Document → Line Item → Controls → Define Posting Keys → Execute.

Define Posting Key

Click the Create icon.

Create Posting Key

Enter the 2-digit numeric code (Example ‘02’) and the name of the posting key and press the Enter key.

2-digit Numeric Code

Now you need to provide the following details −

  • Debit/Credit Indicator − Select Debit or Credit.
  • Account Type − Select the Appropriate account type.
  • Other Attributes − Select other appropriate attributes.
  • Reversal Posting Key − Update the reversal posting key.

Maintain Acc Config Posting Key

The next step is to click the Save icon to successfully configure the posting key.

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