The CIC is actually created within the CIP.

The things that we need to know about CIC are:

  • Represents service types that can be consumed (calls, sms, data)
  • Includes details about the use of the service: consumption data
  • Is not mandatory – if there no usage on the Chargeable Item Package
  • Unlimited number of CIC per Chargeable Item Package

The cardinality is one CIP can have one or more CICs.

Highlight the CIP, Click the ‘Add Chargeable Item Class’ button on the top left as shown below.


Notice that user properties node and default properties node are created automatically.
Consumption Date, User Identifier and Service Identifier are mandatory properties!


Name the CIC ‘[T01] Cal’.


Highlight the User Properties.
Click the ‘Add Properties’ button and add the following properties:

  • ‘Number dialed’ of type String
  • ‘Calling number’ of type String
  • ‘Duration’ of type Number with the Description ‘in minutes’


Add another CIC to your CIP named ‘[T01] SMS’ with no user properties



In the menu bar, select File->Save->In the Database…, choose the Owner of your catalog ‘T01’ and click on Save.




This will create first Object in SAP CC.

This is what exactly created here,

Your carrier operator offers mobile plans to consumers. <- Represented by the CIP

The consumer can sign up to Call and optionally SMS services.  <- Represented by the CIC

When the Consumer gives a call, SAP CC receives a chargeable item with a given format including the number dialed, the calling number and the duration of the call. In the same way, when this Consumer sends an SMS message, SAP CC receives a chargeable item with another format. <- Represented by the user properties and default properties


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