How could you use the FM-integration?

The standard Funds Management integration in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable is only available for the industry-specific components Public Sector Contract Accounting (PSCD) andUtilities Industry (IS-U).


  • Since ECC 600 the FM integration for IS-U is activated with Business Function ISU_FM.
  • Business function FICA_FM is needed in the case of PSCD.
  • As a result, the system automatically writes structures SI_FKKFMOP and SI_FKKFMOPK with the FM table fields into the document tables, which replace customer includes CI_FKKFMOP and CI_FKKFMOPK.
  • If the integration with FM was already used with an own logic before  – without activating any of the above mentioned business functions –  note 569257 – Deactivating the new FM integration for FI-CA FI-CA  should be used.
  • Enterprise Extension EA-PS is active
  • PSM – IMG activity “Activate/Deactivate Funds Management”
    – set the Acct Deriv. indicator – settings for the account assignment derivation take effect
    – set the Update indicator – the documents are then also updated in Funds Management.
  • If EA-PS is activated later in the system than IS-U or PSCD, transaction FPFMDY has to be used to  add  dummy FM account assignments to the existing FICA documents.
    For further details see note 1251167


  • All FICA documents need additionally FM account assignment (commitment item and funds center) for the standard integration.
  • Transaction FMDERIVE should be used for this.
  • Derivation rule with HVORG/TVORG should be used for derivation of commitment item on BP items.
  • Details  are written in note 686383 – FM integration in contract A/R and A/P: Restrictions
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