Account Balance Display

The account balance display plays an important role in call center processing. Agents frequently use it to access information from Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable (FI-CA).

During the Increased Efficiency Project for IS-U/CCS , SAP discovered that many customers would like see additional information in the account balance display which are delivered in add-on support packages (AOSPs) .

You can use different FI-CA events to design the account balance display so that it meets your individual requirements.

Define Selection Criteria

In the selection screen for account balance display, you can select items according to the following fields:

  • Business Partner
  • Contract Account
  • Contract
  • Company Code

You can use event 1210 ( Account balance – define selection quantity incl. coll. bill account ) to add other combinations for item selection to this combination.Example

Example: Business partner A is entered as an alternative payer in contract accounts B and C. You want to display all items that have to be cleared by this business partner. This means you have to display all items for business partner A and all items for contract accounts B and C.

Output Mode for Header Data 

The following data is entered as standard in the header data area for the account balance display:

  • Line 1: Business partner number / responsible company code number of contract account(s) (if unique)
  • Line 2-4: Name and address of business partner

You can use the events 1200 ( Sample: Enter header information for individual items ) and 1207 ( Sample: Output header information in account balance ) to change the output of header data.

You can add any number of information line items to event 1200. These are output in the header data starting from the second line item.

Using event 1207, you can output as many line items and format specifications as required. You can also define the sequence of additional line items using event 1207.

It may be useful to output your own data in an individual group framework so that it is separated from the standard data.Example

Example: In one line you can have the system display the date of the last dunning, or information on whether a move-in/out document exists.Note

For event 1207, you must output the additional lines in a module that you have defined yourself.

Output Mode of Navigation Area 

You can display the navigation area beneath the header data area. Depending on your selections, this area can contain data on the business partner and contract accounts.Example

Example: You enter the name of the business partner as selection criteria. The business partner (with names) appears in the navigation area along with a list of all his or her contract accounts (with contract account ID). When you select the appropriate line, you can display the items for a contract account or all items belonging to the business partner.Note

In order to ensure that the correct data, for example the address of the premise, is always entered in the contract account ID, you have to make the appropriate settings in event 1017 ( Contract account: Preassign data for creating contract account ) (see SAP note 152498).Note

If you want the navigation area to be displayed, do not select the field with other partners’ postings when you select items on the initial screen.

You can implement the following enhancements by making the corresponding settings in event 1214 ( Sample: Account Balance – Navigation (List of Contracts) ):

  • Output the contracts in the navigation area and, as a result, possible item selection
  • Output a text for the contracts
  • Output/change text for contracts

Output Mode for Item List

You can adjust the display of a selected item to meet your requirements in event 1205 ( Sample: Account Balance – Complete Data ). You can edit the item as follows:

  • Change specific fields
  • Add any data to the item
  • Prevent the item being displayed

Example: You have added a field in the customer include CI_FKKEPOS and want to display this field in the account balance display.

Example: You want to prevent specific items being displayed.

Only one item is available to you for processing in event 1205.

All selected items are now available to you in event 1211 (Sample: Account Balance – Transfer All Selected Line Items Before Output). You can edit these items as follows:

  • Change specific fields
  • Always hide the item
  • Hide the item in the basic list with the option of displaying it again in the menu under Settings.
  • Show the item in the basic list with the option of hiding it again in the menu under Settings.

You can also return additional totals lines, which are displayed on the Totals tab page.

Additional Information in the Menu 

The following functions are available in the menu under  Environment  Additional functions  :

• Display print document

• Display cash security deposit

• Deregulation: Display aggregated posting/individual posting/individual bill

If you want to offer additional functions, make the necessary settings in event 1206 ( Template: Account Balance – Call Additional Functions ).

Chronology Output 

To get an overview of an account balance for a particular period, select the tab page Chronology .

If you want to display additional items in the chronology, make the appropriate settings in event 1212 ( Sample: Account Balance – Items – Add to Chronology ).

If you want to display additional items in the chronology, make the appropriate settings in event 1213 ( Sample: Account Balance – Items – Add to Chronology ).


Transaction CodeDescription
FPL9Account Balance Display


>Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
>Basic Functions
>Account Balance Display


EventShort Description
 1200  Acct Balance: Set Header Data
 1201  Account Balance: Display Contract Data
 1203  Account Balance: Status Icons/Colors
 1205  Account Balance: Supplement Data
 1206  Account Balance: Name and Execute Additional Function
 1207  Acct Balance: Output Header Data
 1208  Acct Balance: Output Address Data
 1209  Acct Balance: Key
 1210  Account Balance: Add Selection Specifications
 1211  Account Balance: Change Hit List and Totals
 1212  Account Balance: Change Chronology
 1213  Account Balance: Chronology – Modify Output
 1214  Account Balance: Navigation – List of Contracts
 1215  Account Balance: Overview of Budget Billing Plans
 1217  Account Balance: Output Header Data (ALV)
 1218  Account Balance: Add Payment List
 1219  Account Balance: Determination of BPs for Snapshot
 1220  Account Balance: Add Totals
 1221  Account Balance: Relationships
 1230  Account Balance Short Form: Add Data
 1247  Account Balance: Determine Document Type
 1248  Account Balance: Extend Context Menu
 1256  Account Balance: Additional Settings
 1299  Account Balance: Calculation of Balances

Further technical information

Function Groups

Function GroupShort Description
FKL9FI-CA: Account Balance


Table NameDescription
DFKKOPItems in contract account document
DFKKKOHeader Data in Open Item Accounting Document
DFKKOPKG/L Items Table

Function Modules

Function ModuleShort Description
FKK_GET_POSTAB_BY_ORISPPosten in der Postab anhand Gruppierung in der Summenvariante
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_ADDPositionen zu teilgezahlten Positionen hinzufügen
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_ADD_INFORMATIONErgänzung zusätzlicher Daten (Zeitpunkt 1205)
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_COMPLETEErgänzung von Sonderfeldern
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_DOUBLECLICKVorwärtsnavigation für Kundenfelder
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_FOR_PNNUMAnzeige der angekündigten Posten
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_FOR_PPKEYAnzeige der Posten zu einem Zahlungsversprechen
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_FOR_RATPLAnzeige der Ursprungsforderungen zu einer Ratenplanforderung
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_FOR_SAMMRAnzeige der Einzelpositionen zu einer Sammelrechnung  
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_GET_CURR_ITEMSAktuelle Posten in der Postab lesen
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_GET_PAYINFOZusatzdaten zur Zahlung ermitteln
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_GET_STATISTICSStatistikdaten für Snapshot ermitteln
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_ROLE_BPCLRolle “Vorgänger/Nachfolger” (BP Cleansing)
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_ROLE_CMRolle “Mahngruppe” (Collection Management)
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_ROLE_CUST_GETErmittlung des Customizing der Kontenstandrolle
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_SHOW_CL_ITEMSAnzeige der ausgeglichenen Posten zu einem Ausgleichsbeleg
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_SHOW_LISTTYPEAnzeige des Listtyps im Detail
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_SNAPSHOT_READKontenstand: Snapshot lesen
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_SUB_INITDaten lesen zur Initialisierung eines Subscreens
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_SUB_OKCODEDaten lesen zur Initialisierung eines Subscreens
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_WITH_ITEMSStart der Anzeige mit bereits selektierten Posten
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_WITH_ITEMS_INTStart der Anzeige mit bereits selektierten Posten
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_WITH_SELECTIONSStart der Anzeige mit Übergabe von Selektionsbedingungen
FKK_LINE_ITEMS_WITH_SEL_INTStart der Anzeige mit Übergabe von Selektionsbedingungen

SET/GET parameter

For more Parameters see also table TPARA.

Parameter Description 
Parameter Description 
8BALFI-CA Account Balance: Balances Variant
8E2FI-CA: Acct balance – initial screen (procedure parameters)
8EAFI-CA: Account Balance – Line Layout Variant
8EBFI-CA: Account Balance – Company Code
8ECFI-CA: Account Balance – Contract
8EDFI-CA: Account Balance – Installment Plan
8EE FI-CA: Account Balance – Collective Invoice 
8EUFI-CA: Acct Balance – Old Local Curr. before Euro Changeover
8EUSTARTFI-CA: Account Balance – Start with Amounts in EUR
8EUTOTALFI-CA: Account Balance – Totals Only in EUR
8LTAccount balance: List Type
8NVOpen Navigation in Account Balance
8SOAccount Balance: Sorting Variant
8USAccount Balance: Default User Selection
810FI-CA: Acct Balance – Default Last Active Tab Page
811FI-CA: Acct Balance – Active Tab Page (Activate with 810) 
812FI-CA: Acct Balance – Display Variants in the List 
813FI-CA: Account Balance – Hide Navigation
814FI-CA: Account Balance – Reduced Initial Screen
815FI-CA: Account Balance – Initial List Screen
816 FI-CA: Acct Balance – Chronology Sorted in Descending Order
816_BAL FI-CA:Acct Bal. – Sort Total Chronology in Descending Order? 
817 FI-CA: Account Balance – Posting Date Chronology
818FI-CA: Account Balance – Role
819 FI-CA: Account Balance – Double Click Field-Sensitive
820 FI-CA: Account Balance – Display Zero Clearing
821FI-CA: Account Bal. – Only Due/Partially Paid BBPs
822FI-CA: Account Balance – Display List as ALV Grid
823FI-CA: Account Balance – Tol. Days for Budget Billing Plans
824Account Balance: Billing Documents Cumulated?
825_CLTOL Account Bal.: Number of Days for Selection of Cleared Items
825_OPALL Account Balance: Select All Open Items Due in N Days
825_OPTOL Account Balance: Number of Days for Selection of Open Items
825_RPALL Account Bal.: All Open Installment Plan Items Due in N Days
825_RPTOL  Acct Bal.: Number of Days for Sel. of Open Inst. Plan Items
826 FI-CA: Account Balance – List Category