What is SAP FICA (Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable)?

Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable is a subledger developed for industries with a large customer base and a correspondingly high volume of documents to post, such as utility companies.

This component provides standard accounts receivable and accounts payable functions including dunning, posting documents, and making payments. Contract accounts receivable and payable consists of the following detailed components along with others:

  • Basic Functions
  • Business Transactions
  • Integration
  • Closing Operations
  • Information System
  • Job Controls
  • Archiving
  • Interfaces
  • The EVENT Concept
  • Data Processing in Mass Runs
  • Enhanced Message Management

FICA is a cross-application component used in SAP ISU, telecom, insurance, and other applications specified by the industry. These business serve majorly on B2C segment and companies generally have a very large volume of consumer base. Every time we have to make thousands of invoices at a time frequently as per scheduled billing cycles. FICA Module is tightly integrated with below application area .

Data model.JPG

Various industry sectors use FI-CA as a subledger, due to its seamless integration in the general ledger or invoicing, as well as in Web-based self services and call center solutions. The exchange of messages in the integration is based largely on the XML interfaces of the SAP Netweaver Exchange infrastructure.

The SAP Switch Framework is available for activating industry solutions that are delivered as business function sets. Industry business function sets (BFS) consist of a number of functions (BF), which can be activated separately.

Sample Business Functions:

– BFS Utilities:

BF ISU_UTIL_WASTE – Utilities, Waste, Recycling

BF ISU_FM – Utilities: Funds Management

BFS Telco:

BF RM_CA – Telco: Revenue Management


– BFS Media:

BF ADVERTISING MANAGEMENT – Media: Advertising Management

BF SINGLE COPY NEWSP. & MAG (PUB) – Media: SC Newsp & Mag (Pub)

BF SINGLE COPY NEWSP. & MAG (WHS) – Single copy Newsp. & Mag (WHS)


BF SUBS LOOSE-LEAF, JOURNALS – Media: Subs Loose Leaf, Journals

BF SUBS NEWSPAPER & MAGAZINES – Media: Subs Newspaper Magazines

BF TITLE LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT – Media: Title Lifecycle Management

— IS-U, IS-Waste, IS-M, IS-T, IS-PS, IS-IS-CD, FI-CAX, etc.